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AuraCam 6000 overview

Whether you’re a believer or a confirmed skeptic, the results from the AuraCam 6000 are certainly very impressive.

Auracam 6000 camera and pictures of people in purple background
Image: KnowTechie

The recent upswing in popularity of new age spirituality could be attributed to several things.

Still, more than likely, it results from a desire for certainty in uncertain times and a greater tendency towards self-reflection. 

Horoscopes, tarot reading, and other forms of mediumship are all receiving increased air time,  along with the practice of aura reading.

The practice of visualizing the color of the electromagnetic field surrounding a person’s body and interpreting the meaning of the various colors, which some believe can be captured using an Aura camera

Brief Description of AuraCam 6000

Auracam camera man taking picture of woman and photos on the right
Image: AuraCam


Guy Coggins first devised prototypes of the AuraCam range in the 1970s. The AuraCam 3000 was introduced to the market in the early eighties, followed by the AuraCam 6000.


The AuraCam 6000 package includes support for instant film.

Moreover, it’s also compatible with Polaroid 108 and 669 film stock, a training video and manual, a portable power case, a power pack, left and right-hand sensors, and the AuraCam 6000.

It also comes with Aura Analyser software, which prints out information associated with the colors found on the printed image. 


The Biofeedback Imaging Color Spectrometer measures 10 1/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches x 7 1/2 inches (length, width, height). The overall structure is large and boxy, with an integrated Polaroid camera.


person on a computer using the sensors on her hand
Image: AuraCam

The camera uses a skin capacitance to measure the input data used to generate images (the same technology used in touchscreens to register touch as input).

The images then produced are portraits of the subject surrounded by clouds of color.

As expected, this isn’t your average photography experience. Throughout the 10-second double exposures, subjects must place their hands on two sensors or “biofeedback receptors.”

These are then intended to measure the electromagnetic field of the subject through using acupressure points corresponding to energy channels in the body. 

The camera then produces one two-second exposure without color, followed by a six to eight-second exposure showing a representation of the subject’s aura.

It’s still at the market’s price (AuraPhoto has a profitability guide breaking down cost-per-use depending on how frequently the camera is used). So it may be worth investing in if you are sure you’ll use it regularly.

More recently, dreamlike, colorful images have been made famous on Instagram, and some are investing in cameras to use at events. 


AuraCam camera website
Image: AuraCam

The AuraCam 6000 is at the higher end of the market.

Still, if it’s outside your price range, the company also offers WinAura. Which is computer software that uses “real-time biofeedback technology” to produce similar images on your PC or laptop.

For some, the art of aura photography falls into the category of pseudoscience, while elsewhere, debate exists as to whether they really are manifestations of a person’s state of being, or a form of energetic field.

Whether you’re a believer or a confirmed skeptic, the results are undoubtedly stunning, and if you feel it’s worth the investment, it could be worth exploring.

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