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Jonathan White

Big-headed Blogger with a press pass. Jonathan is a former KnowTechie contributor.

Stories By Jonathan White

  • syllable d900S syllable d900S

    Syllable’s D900S headphones are completely wireless and priced to move

    Wired headphones are a thing of a past. Upgrade to the world of wireless with these Syllable D900S for $50.

  • Warhammer Warhammer

    Total War: Warhammer Review: The Battle of Five Kingdoms

    Total War: Warhammer is definitely impressive for a casual like me, and I definitely plan to spend more time with this game.

  • Broken Guitar YouTube Broken Guitar YouTube

    Mad Catz in a world of danger thanks to Harmonix

    Shit is hitting the fan for Mad Catz, and Harmonix is the only one to blame.

  • Battleborn Review: The last badass starfighters

    A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe's very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen...

  • Overwatch Review: Shooting Bliss

    Overwatch is a great game and accomplishes a lot for how little content you get for a $60 price tag.

  • More trouble in the graveyard? Dead Island 2 pulled from Steam

    Could Deep Silver finally be canceling Dead Island 2? A thread over at NeoGAF revealed a recent update to Steam’s catalog...

  • Severed Playstation Severed Playstation

    Severed review: The best slice of the Vita pie

    Severed is the first must own PS Vita title that's come out in quite some time.

  • Amazon Mpow Amazon Mpow

    Review: Mpow Antelope Bluetooth headphones – Slicing my ears WITH VALUE

    These Mpow Antelope headphones are great, just as long as you don't share the same size dome piece as I do.

  • Quantum Break Feature Quantum Break Feature

    Review: Quantum Break – time is slipping away

    Quantum Break is a great example of a game that turned out to be surprisingly good almost completely in spite of...

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