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Ste Knight

Super hot for tech-nostalgia. Loves retro-futuristic artwork and music. Tech-wise enjoys gaming, audio and, for some unexplained reason really enjoys cleaning tech.

Stories By Ste Knight

  • productivity apps productivity apps

    The best productivity apps (2024)

    Stop checking your Twitter feed.

  • switchbot curtain robot switchbot curtain robot

    Review: The SwitchBot Curtain – a robot with applications far outside sheer laziness

    Free your arms... I guess.

  • hacker with solarwinds logo in palm of hand hacker with solarwinds logo in palm of hand

    Russia is being blamed for a massive malware attack on the U.S.

    The attack hit nuclear programs, security, and even Microsoft.

  • substack reader logo substack reader logo

    Substack Reader collects all your newsletters and feeds in one place

    The reader is currently open for beta access.

  • google lawsuit behind bars google lawsuit behind bars

    Google is being sued by ten US states over its shady ad practices

    These big companies just love to break the rules, don't they?

  • Yeedi k650 Yeedi k650

    Review: The Yeedi 650 is a terrible entry-level robot vacuum cleaner


  • mark zuckerberg crying mark zuckerberg crying

    Ironically, Facebook thinks Apple is bad for small businesses

    This is laughable.

  • periscope app on tombstone periscope app on tombstone

    RIP: Twitter is closing the doors on Periscope

    The social-media giant will be closing the Periscope app completely in March 2021.

  • mark zuckerberg standing in front of privacy text mark zuckerberg standing in front of privacy text

    Facebook has allegedly been watching Instagram users through phone cameras

    Who would have thought? (Answer: Basically everyone)

  • three Iphone 14s in a purple background three Iphone 14s in a purple background

    iOS 14.3: Everything you need to know about the new iPhone update

    Apple Fitness+, AirPods Max support, and more.

  • Shiny AOSO S3 robot vacuum Shiny AOSO S3 robot vacuum

    Review: The AOSO S3 robot vacuum offers V-SLAM tech at a budget price

    You can add another name to the "robot vacuums I'm impressed by" list.

  • kyvol vacuum with dustbin kyvol vacuum with dustbin

    Review: Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum and mop – a brilliant budget dustbuster

    This robot vacuum even empties itself!

  • volcano vaporizer volcano vaporizer

    Review: The Gold Edition Storz and Bickel Volcano vape is one monstrous magma chamber

    If only all volcanoes pumped out sweet Mary Jane.

  • judge dredd spotify face judge dredd spotify face

    Spotify just invented the AI Judge Dredd of songwriter plagiarism tech

    Don't be stealin' my Grud-damn songs, Scavver.

  • best playstation 5 accessories best playstation 5 accessories

    The 7 best PS5 accessories you can buy right now

    If you managed to snag a console, it's time to accessorize.

  • Review: Andaseat Throne –  the most comfortable gaming chair, period.

    Get one, your ass will thank you.

  • xpression camera app for zoom xpression camera app for zoom

    This clever camera app lets you be anyone on Zoom

    Seriously, is nobody sick of Zoom gimmicks yet?

  • apple watch nokia screen apple watch nokia screen

    You can make your iPhone or Apple Watch look like an old-school Nokia

    Someone show me how to get Snake working.

  • fluidstance raise, slope, and fill up water tower fluidstance raise, slope, and fill up water tower

    How Fluidstance’s range of workspace accessories has improved my home office

    We all spend too much time at our desks, might as well make the experience as great as possible.

  • best apple iphone 12 cases best apple iphone 12 cases

    The best iPhone 12 cases to protect your phone

    We know the iPhone 12 looks amazing, but a case can save your precious piece of hardware.

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