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AWP Asiimov — The best AWP skin you should buy

Regardless of any recent options, the AWP Asiimov is a dream-come-true to all CS:GO players.

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There are many well-known series of skins in CS:GO. You have most probably seen rifles from the “Wildfire,” “The Emperor,” or “Neo-Noir” set at least once. These have been appearing in cases for several years now. However, the most popular series of skins was released back in 2013, with new items added to the list even to this day. 

Regardless of any recent options, the AWP Asiimov is a dream-come-true to all CS:GO players. But what makes it so special and highly valued? What are the key features of this item? Let’s check them all out.

Explosive Release of the First Skin

When it first appeared in the game, “Asiimov” was known as part of the “Winter Offensive” case, which was released in December 2013. This box contains only the M4A4 version of the skin, which  soon went on to become the rarest and most expensive item. The price of this rifle was high from the very first days of its release, with the StatTrak version even more expensive. For a long time, videos of successful players who managed to knock out a rare cannon from a case conquered the Internet.

However, with time, the AWP “Asiimov” has even become a kind of currency among players. Yes, at that time, big deals were measured not in dollars but in delivered “Asiimov” skins. It’s funny that even the very worn versions of the AWP “Asiimov” are extremely popular with CS:GO fans. Players call this skin AWP Blackiimov, and its main feature is associated with a completely black scope. Weapons have to be as worn as possible to look that way, so versions like these cost a lot more than just a simple sniper rifle with scratches.

AWP Asiimov Skin in 2021

The AWP Asiimov from the Phoenix collection has a cool color scheme with an interesting mix of clean lines. We should admit that it really sits in the WUA as a cast. Among the top professional CS:GO players that have AWP Asiimov skin, you can find Danish Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and William Vezhba, nicknamed RUSH. 

Up for getting a AWP Asiimov? Then there are a couple of things that you should be aware of:

  • The price for the basic version of the item ranges from $50 to $100 per skin;
  • You will have to pay twice as much for the AWP Asiimov skin with the murder counter.

There are multiple deals to choose from, and you won’t be limited to a single item for purchase.


All in all, CS:GO AWP skins are a unique thing. It’s like a cool sports car on the road when you’re in the spotlight. That is why by purchasing the AWP skin Asiimov, you will be the coolest on the map. This and many other skins can always be bought on the DMarket trading platform. The marketplace boasts a huge assortment of different skins, including AWP Asiimov. To check out all the offers, you need to go to the main page on DMarket and register by linking your Steam account.

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