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Back Market is the perfect place to get a MacBook that’s affordable and in great shape

Here’s everything you need to know.

16" apple macbook pro
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MacBooks are considered one of the thinnest and lightest laptops from Apple and the series was introduced in 2018. However, it overtook the market share of the 11 inch MacBook Air that was launched in 2016. It is fascinating to get a refurbished MacBook Air in three various shades that are silver, gold, and space grey. You will be amazed to know that MacBook Air is claimed to be the greenest MacBook ever because it is made up of pure recycled Aluminum.

However, Apple’s biggest strength is that it designs both hardware and software that gives the company the power to make an operating system. It designs the apps that are tailor-made and optimized for the Mac. Along with this, Apple has created all of the hardware and software to work seamlessly. MacBook is gaining popularity because of many reasons, such as:

Environment-Friendly and Recyclable

As per the latest model that was launched in 2018, MacBook Air is an entirely green compliant. If the user is nature conscious and wants to contribute to nature, then this laptop option is best. If you are looking for a used MacBook, this is the best place to get one. Furthermore, the iconic laptop has a thin edge that is designed from 100 percent recycled aluminium. It works according to the environment and provides friendly surroundings.

Brilliant Retina Display

The MacBook offers an impressive display having a high resolution of 2560X1600 with 4 million pixels. It results in a sharp and eye-pleasing. This is the most important to get a high quality and best resolution display. It is surprising to know that it has forty-eight percent more colours as compared to the previous model. Furthermore, razor-sharp text clarity is praiseworthy, and the display has fifty percent thinner borders for excellent display experience.

Impressive Battery Life

One of the unique advantages of MacBook Air is its long battery life as compared to ultrabooks and notebooks in the Market.  It is essential to know that the 11-inch model lasts up to 9 hours, and the 13-inch model can last up to 12 hours. This battery life is enough for long term use.

However, both models have a standby time of 30 days. Here is good news that MacBook Air also has better battery performance used MacBook pro. For a better experience, you can also find a great deal for the MacBook Air on BackMarket. The lithium-polymer battery capacity and SSD efficiency have made this device more energy efficient.

Comes with a Number of Useful Apps

Every MacBook comes with several powerful apps for work and play. It includes office productivity apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. However, some other productivity apps are Reminders, Notes, Calendar, and Maps.

It is fascinating to know that MacBook Air also comes with some creativity apps such as video editing app iMovie or the music production app GarageBand. You can also enjoy Safari for web browsing, Mail for email, or Message and Facetime for both video and text messaging. This is the highlighted point that you can enjoy many apps at the time.


MacBook Air has one of the highest-selling laptops because of its lightweight feature. The laptop offers iconic design and an extremely light weighted body that has made it a big hit amongst all youngsters. Furthermore, the hardware specifications are also extremely suitable for both students and professionals. Due to the light in weight, this MacBook can easily carry at any place

Security via Touch ID

The MacBook comes with a fantastic Touch ID feature. You will be surprised to know that there is a small sensor that turns your fingerprint into a password. Moreover, this Touch ID is not only used to unlock the MacBook Air, but it also allows you to protect your private documents and other settings on the computer. If someone is doing online shopping, Apple Pay also uses this fingerprint sensor for payment confirmation. It provides a secure method of payment.

Solid-state Internal Storage

We all know that SSD is also considered as some of the primary factors of laptops. It is fascinating to know that both the 11-inch and 13-inch base models are available 128GB flash storage. However, SSD-based internal storage plays an essential role in improving the speed and lifespan of a device. It is more durable than an HDD. We can also say that SSD makes the MacBook Air a right ultraportable computer.

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