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Basic hoverboard issues and simple fixes

Trust us, you’ll thank us later for this.

If you have a hoverboard, you are in privileged company. It’s what all of the cool kids are doing. But unfortunately, these gadgets are often put through the wringer, especially by those of us that like to use or futuristic gadgets not just as means of transportation, but as a way to shred.

Cool though these boards may be, on a fundamental level, they are also sensitive electronics, and as such, subject to the limitations that that entails. Sometimes they run into problems. When that happens, you can ship your board off to a pricey specialist, or you can learn how to fix it up on your own.

Today, we look at a few common hoverboard issues, and how you can save money by fixing them yourself. Read on!

The Reset

The reset button is a classic fix for just about any electronic device. Chances are you do it often with your computer, phone, Blu-ray player, gaming console, so on and so forth. It’s a broad, versatile fix that allows a computer system to get itself out of a funk. When an electronic isn’t working you may need to reset it.

First, let’s consider situations that might call for a reset:

Situation one: you notice that your board isn’t accepting a charge as well as it has in the past. You hook it up for the recommended amount of time, only to find upon checking on it that it is at less than a full charge.


Situation two: The board is displaying a red light, a warning sound, or some of other “problem notification”. Boards will sometimes display a distress signal that is designed to inform you that something is not working the way that it is supposed to. Basically, it’s a sing that you need to troubleshoot.

Situation three: the board just isn’t properly calibrated. You find that your leaning more to one side than you should, or just that the steering mechanism is not reacting the way that it is supposed to.

You definitely don’t want that either. Time for a reset.

The good news is that resetting the board is about as easy as it gets. To perform this task, and hopefully get everything up and running again, all that you need to do is lay the board on a flat surface, hold the off button for ten seconds, and wait for a red light to activate on the board.

This will signify that the board has been reset, and therefore (hopefully) running the way that it should be.

The Hoverboard Won’t Turn On

If your hoverboard won’t turn on, one of two things is probably happening. One, the circuits have gone bad. To find this out, plug the unit into it’s charging feature. If a green light doesn’t activate, it means that the circuits are almost definitely shot, in which case they will need to be replaced.

Replacing circuits is actually a little bit complicated, and as such, possibly a job that you will need to send out for.

However, there is a simpler possible fix that you will probably be able to perform on your own. If you plug the board into the charger and find that the green light does activate, it just means that the battery is shot. To fix this problem, you’ll just need to buy and install a new battery.

As an added note, you can improve the life of your battery by being careful with how you use it. Never overcharge, and try not to let it remain completely drained for extended periods of time.

Your Hoverboard Got Wet

Doesn’t get more common than this. If you use your hoverboard often enough, chances are that it will eventually get pretty wet. It happens to everyone eventually. But, if it gets too soaked, it may be permanently ruined.

So, what to do after a major rain? Well, the first thing you do is to carefully remove the battery and the motherboard. If either of these components is wet, you will need to put them in a bowl of dry rice. As anyone who has ever dropped their phone in a puddle knows, this fix is something of a tossup, but sometimes it does work.

While these components are drying in the bowl, wipe down the rest of the board with a soft, dry, cloth. And there you go! Hopefully, in a few hours, your board will be as good as new.

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