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Basic requirements of a space colony for supporting human life on the Moon

Image: Betway

Being the brightest and most marked feature of the night sky, Earth’s Moon has long been the source of relaxation, inspiration, and wonderment and it is our closest neighbor, but only 12 people have ever touched its surface.

Romanticized through poetry and demonized through Science-Fiction likenesses, it still leaves modern society in dazzle as much as it did in the initial stages of human culture, as Betway study has revealed. Some scientists think humans could survive easily on the moon. This could make colonizing the moon an even more tempting option.

If we want to colonize the moon there are some basic needs that the moon colonists would have to take care of if this were any sort of long-term living arrangement.

Air: Your space colony will need air. The modules will have to be confined or the entire living area must be inside a guarding dome. Breathable Oxygen can be produced mechanically (from water or certain minerals) or by plants in a greenhouse.

Food: What kinds of foods do humans need? (Consider the four food groups.) There is no supermarket in space, and it is not practical and too expensive to send food from Earth. Crops can also be used to purify water and to produce oxygen. They could be grown in a greenhouse.

Water: Colonies will need a great deal of water for many purposes, including drinking, washing, and watering plants. Where will you get the water? How will it be stored? A recycling facility may be needed.

Energy: Beyond the basic necessity of a viable supply of water, air, and food, settlers would also need to consider a long-term power supply. Luckily, the soil on the moon contains almost all the materials needed to build solar panels – a limitless and sustainable source of energy.

Equipment: What work will people living on the Moon be doing? Will there be mining? Science laboratories? Telescopes?

Living Quarters: Consider whether every colonist needs a private living space. Even a small area of the base needs more basics, but people are happier when they feel they have enough space and privacy.

Communications: How will people living on the Moon communicate with one another, including with explorers using a rover to travel a distance from the colony? How will they communicate with the Earth? On Earth, antennas are used to send and receive signals, and satellites are used to relay signals to other parts of the planet.

Transportation: What kinds of trips will the crews need to make? How far will they need to go? Do the children have ideas about what to use for fuel?

Recreation Facilities: On Earth, gravity pulls against us when we walk, run, and play and helps us stay strong. However, Moon has gravity that will hold humans to their surface while they live and explore. But on the Moon people must exercise more as compared on earth to keep their muscles and bones from losing strength in space, as gravity is weaker on the Moon (one-sixth that of Earth).

betway moon infograhic
Image: Betway

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