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Behemoth is bringing Castle Crashers to Nintendo Switch very soon – PAX West 2019

So ready for this one!

castle crashers on nintendo switch
Image: The Behemoth

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In a surprise announcement while media were waiting in line to get into PAX West, San Diego studio The Behemoth dropped a bomb: Castle Crashers, the beloved local co-op brawler, is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 17th.

Not only that, but Castle Crashers will be a complete remaster, from performance updates (30fps up to 60fps) to visual updates, a new mini-game, the inclusion of all previous DLC in-game, and more. Castle Crashers will also be coming to PlayStation 4 shortly thereafter, with no specific date announced yet.

This is a big deal. The Behemoth hasn’t brought a game to a Nintendo system since the GameCube and the Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for this co-op brawler.

Castle Crashers heads to Nintendo Switch

If you’ve never played Castle Crashers, the gist of it is pretty straightforward: An evil wizard steals a powerful crystal and several maidens and you, as a Power Rangers-like team of brightly colored cartoon knights, must save the day.

There are tons of characters to play with, all of which have their own special abilities, there’s also gear, there’s leveling, there are secrets, there are tons of things to unlock, and there’s a nightmare difficulty that not even I have beaten despite playing this game to death over and over and over again on PlayStation 3.

If you like local co-op, you don’t want to miss picking this up for your Nintendo Switch when it drops later this month.

What do you think? Interested in giving Castle Crashers on Nintendo Switch a try? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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