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Benefits of 3D printing: 10 reasons you need one

If you’ve been considering a 3D printer in your home, then read our article the learn the benefits of 3D printing and why you need one.

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3D printers have evolved so much since their creation that you can print almost anything these days from car parts to implants and prostheses. You may have heard of the many uses for 3D printing in the manufacturing or medical fields, but have you ever thought of using a 3D printer yourself?

If you haven’t, now is the time. There are so many types of 3D printers out there for hobbyists and professionals alike that you’re sure to find one for your needs and budget. Still not convinced? Here are ten of the biggest benefits of 3D printing that may change your mind.

Exploring the Benefits of 3D Printing

There may be several reasons why you haven’t taken the plunge and grabbed a 3D printer for yourself. Maybe you’re concerned about the cost, or perhaps you don’t think you have any use for one.

These are the benefits of 3D printing you’re missing out on.

  1. You Can Sell What You Make

Head to any online store, like Etsy, and you’ll find a bunch of 3D-printed goods for sale. You can find everything from costume props and miniature figures to wall art and more. You can even find ‘battle armor’ and funny costumes for your pets.

Yes, there really is something out there for everyone, and you’re never sure what you’ll find.

Do you want to create an action figure of your favorite videogame character? How about 3D wall art?

Since you’re only limited by your creativity, you can make practically anything you want with a 3D printer. If you make something cool, people will want to buy it, too.

Once you get the hang of 3D printing, you can start creating things to sell and bring in some extra income.

  1. Saves You Money

Do you find yourself constantly buying things for the home? You can print everything from desk organizers to phone cases and more, and customize them however you want.

By printing things you need around the home or office, you no longer have to go out and buy them. You can save money this way since all you need is to pay for the materials—no need to drop $20 or more on a phone case when you can make your own.

  1. It’s Fun

Want to know one of the biggest benefits of 3D printing? It’s fun! There’s something deeply satisfying about creating something with your own hands and imagination.

The more you make and the more confident you get making products, the more fun you’ll have. Soon, friends and family will be begging you to make them stuff, which brings us to our next point.

  1. Make Gifts for Friends and Family

Sometimes it’s tough to come up with gift ideas for the people that matter most to you. Plus, you have to consider your budget when shopping for birthdays or holidays.

Why not print something they can use with your 3D printer? You can customize their gift and appeal to their hobbies and interests. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. Create Truly Unique Items

When you’re creating products with your 3D printer, you can create whatever you want, no matter how unusual. You can create a giant cartoon character mask or anatomical models.

So flex those creative muscles and start thinking outside the box. Create one-of-a-kind wall art or something to make your life a little easier.

  1. A New Hobby to Try

If you’re looking for a new hobby, try 3D printing. It might take some time to master, but the more you use it, the better you get. You might even get to the point where you create and sell 3D printing files for others to use and enjoy.

You can even create items for other hobbies, such as miniature figures for Dungeons and Dragons, unique chess pieces, or crochet hooks.

  1. Print With a Variety of Materials

When you imagine 3D printing, plastics are probably one of the first materials that spring to mind. But you can print with more than just plastics and resins.

For instance, you can get a metal 3D printer and start printing using metals. You can even print textiles and edible products! When shopping around for the best 3D printer for your hobbies, make sure you discover all that the machine can do.

While you’ll probably want to start small, it’s nice to know all that these amazing machines are capable of accomplishing.

  1. Have Fun With the Kids

If you’re looking for something fun and educational to do with the kids, look no further. You and your kids can use the 3D printer together, and they can learn all about the machine in a hands-on way.

You can also print educational tools such as miniatures of the solar system or puzzles and toys.

Using a 3D printer together is a great learning opportunity, but you should always teach children proper safety protocols when using the machine.

  1. It Can Help the Environment

One of the many benefits of 3D printing is that you can reduce your impact on the environment.

How? The vehicles that deliver your products to you release fuel emissions. Even when you take your car to the store, you’re still releasing carbon dioxide emissions.

There is also less waste involved with 3D printing overall. Once you’ve mastered the learning curve and you’re not making as many mistakes, you produce less waste. After all, you’re only printing what you want or need.

  1. 3D Printing Keeps Getting Better

Lastly, 3D printing keeps getting better as technology continues to advance. Who knows what you might be able to create next?

3D printers are coming up with solutions to life’s everyday problems. From the medical field to manufacturing to creating small objects at home, there’s a 3D printer out there for everyone.

Get Creative and Start Printing

Did learning about the many benefits of 3D printing get you inspired to start creating? We hope so! Start shopping and discover the many types of printers out there, and you’re sure to find the right printer for your needs.

Are you interested in learning more about 3D printers or other topics like this? Be sure to explore the rest of our site and keep checking back for the latest on technology and much more.

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