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Benefits of electric unicycles over other motorized transport options

The electric unicycle is great fun, surprisingly practical and you really want one.

Benefits of electric unicycles over other motorized transport options

You may have noticed something different in the last few years on your daily commute to and from work. Those people who don’t walk, but who zoom along the sidewalk on small powered devices! Personal motorized transport is becoming more popular as more affordable and efficient devices come onto what is a fast-growing market, and there is plenty of choices. 

There are perhaps three main choices when it comes to personal electric transport devices, and each has its merits. They are – the electric bicycle, the hoverboard, and the electric unicycle. Which is the best one for you? That depends what you are going to use it for, but let’s look at this from a commuter’s point of view.

Bicycle vs. Hoverboard vs. Electric Unicycle

  • The Electric Bicycle

The electric bicycle is a logical progression from the standard bike: fit a small electric motor, and you have a bike that you don’t always need to pedal. Great for short runs to work and trips to the shop, technology has developed to a point where they are recharged as you ride, which is another bonus. 

They are practical to a degree but are rather large. If you want to use one of these to get to the bus stop on the commute, even the folding models – which can be expensive and cumbersome – are heavy and bulky. They are, however, great fun for a family ride – you can get kids electric bikes too – and take the strain out of hills, so if you make a complete commute to work by bike, one of these will do the job.

  • The Hoverboard

Sadly, the flying hoverboards from Back to the Future have yet to surface in real life. What we call the hoverboard is a poor substitute, although great fun! Basically a platform with a wheel at each end, and a motor attached, these are sometimes used by commuters, but more so by people who want to have a lot of fun – because they are.

They are quite portable, and once you get the hang of things are easy to ride, and if you splash out some more cash and get a hoverboard cart, you can convert your board into a vehicle in which you sit back and steer – and these really are great fun! However, while the hoverboard may be usable for commuter runs, or for trips to the shop, we think this device is more for fun than practicality.

  • The Electric Unicycle

Perhaps the best of the 21st-century personal motorized devices is the electric unicycle. We’re not talking about the single-wheel bike that acrobats ride – and which take a lot of skill and balance to handle – but a clever, compact, single wheel self-balancing device that may just be the ideal form of personal transport.

Did we say self-balancing? Indeed we did, and you can find out more about the electric unicycle online at, a leading name in this fast-emerging market. The fact the unicycle is self-balancing – it achieves this by way of gyroscopes and other clever gizmos – is a major bonus, and there are other reasons why it is the best of our trio.

First, it is surprisingly compact and light, and can easily be carried on a bus, train or any form of public transport. Plus, the various models come with ranges of between 15 and 40 miles, which should cover all requirements. And, you can – on certain models – reach speeds of as much as 30mph! 

The electric unicycle is great fun, surprisingly practical and you really want one, so check them out now and find the model for you.

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