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Benefits of WordPress: Why you should use WordPress for your website

These benefits of WordPress are just the tip of a large iceberg

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Did you know that almost 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress? This makes the content management system the most used across the globe. But do you know how you can benefit from its many great features?

From SEO to support, we can explain. Read on as we give the must-know benefits of WordPress. 

It Is Reliable

One of the most important WordPress benefits is its reliability. Some of the biggest and most important websites in the world run on WordPress. This is around 75 million websites in total. 

UPS, CNN, and TED all use WordPress for this reason. WordPress is constantly updating, upgrading its security, and fixing any bugs that arise. It also has an extensive online community to help you out should any problems do occur. 

It Is Flexible

WordPress is one of the most comprehensive content management systems you will ever use. It can be kept simple and used as a blog, or you can really go all out and have all the functionality your desire. 

Much of this is done through the use of plugins. These downloaded software patches change the functionality of the site. They can do everything from adding maps on the front end to speeding up the website’s load time. 

This also allows people with a very basic knowledge of web design and coding to make a great-looking website. By utilizing the resources available online, even amateurs can get to grips with it. As it is free, all they need is a domain name and managed WordPress hosting. 

Excellent Support Network

The WordPress support team is excellent at helping you out with problems that may arise. In fact, if you encounter a problem, they probably already have a solution posted online. They also do a very good job of website maintenance by putting out frequent updates to the system.

Should you not find an answer here, then there are countless forums, guides, tutorials, and resources online. A paid WordPress plan will give you access to their live chat. You can also employ the services of a WordPress expert for a very small amount. 

SEO Friendly

If you want your website found online, then you need to give thought to search engine optimization (SEO). These are a number of factors that make your website rank higher when people type in search terms. WordPress’s high-quality coding and speed make it extremely favorable to search engines. 

In addition, numerous plugins can also help you increase your SEO rankings. You can get assistance with keywords and content from plugins such as Yoast, and speed up your website with a host of other optimization tools. Some plugins are paid, while some are free to use. 

Benefits of WordPress

These benefits of WordPress are just the tip of a large iceberg. Do not be afraid to get help and speak with a local designer. You will find it has a lot more functionality than you think and is really easy to start using. 

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