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Best cheap phones to buy in 2020

So here we are friends, three incredible phones at astonishing prices for you to choose from if you are shopping on a budget but still want an excellent phone.

n100 smartphone on table
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Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives over the last decade…indeed we have come a long way from the first mobile phone created in 1973, which weighed an astounding 2 kilograms. This was launched later commercially six years. Once considered a luxury item, many have come to rely on the mobile phone in their day to day lives. With many features that help stay in touch with family and friends over the world, going without a phone for even a day feels like we are missing one of our limbs. 

However, mobile phones are not the cheapest and often become redundant as the newest models emerge with more flourish than ever, boasting of the newest features that you simply cannot live without! Well, our advice is simple, choose a phone for the features that you need rather than what they offer and invest your money wisely. If you are shopping for a phone on a low budget, our recommendations will be essential to your needs. So, look no further!

Realme 6

In the first place, the Realme 6 is a fantastic buy. At just over £200, it comes with a good camera and works with great speed. The battery life will rival the best phones on the market and allow you to be out all day with enough juice to browse the internet and keep in touch with others. It also has a 90Hz display, a good size for a phone. The only drawback of this phone is its size. But if you are not that keen on a slim phone, then worry not as it is a great phone otherwise.

Xiaomi Redi Note 9s

In the second place, we recommend the Xiaomi Redi Note 9s. Slightly below £200, it ticks most boxes; a great camera and decent performance. This phone is mainly known for its battery life, which is fantastic. It has a 60Hz panel display, smaller than the Realme 6, and is all screen aside from the camera tucked in a corner.  The only complaint might be about the rear camera on this phone but other than that, this is a fantastic phone that offers good value for money.

Oppo A9 2020

In third place, the Oppo A9 2020 offers an attractive phone; it is beautifully designed with curved edges, a glossy back that meshes vibrant colours with a finished blue and violet hue.  It offers remarkable battery life for a phone of this price as well as a highly versatile camera. This phone is said to rival the Huawei P30 Lite except it comes with better battery life and performance far speedier.  The only drawbacks are the night mode on the camera and the fact that there is no fast charging. Other than that, it is a fabulous buy at £250.

So here we are friends, three incredible phones at astonishing prices for you to choose from if you are shopping on a budget but still want an excellent phone.

Before choosing any mobile phone, you should get your priorities straight first. There are many things to consider before buying a smartphone since you’re going to use it every day. Check its design and functionality, Processor and Ram, and especially the Battery Life. Battery life is one of the most significant features to consider when selecting a new phone.

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