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10 of the best email marketing and automation tools

All of these are winners.

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During the recent marketing summit in Chicago, September 2018, 25% of all reports were dedicated to email marketing, compared to 10% last year. This means that email marketing is only gaining in popularity.

And the news that Marketo, one of the best email marketing tools available, was bought by Adobe for $4.7 billion only proves that point, showing just how important it is to choose the right transactional email software which provides us with sophisticate3d email newsletter templates.

All the tools outlined in this article allow users to send marketing and transactional emails using the top email marketing services.

Marketing emails help promote your products, and email transactional ones, also known as “event-triggered,” are caused by a customer’s action on your website, such as a purchase, feedback, registration, etc.

All these ESPs provide you with detailed reports on the following email marketing metrics: open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open rates, bounce rates, spam reports (show how many recipients marked your email newsletter as spam), and even show the best time to send your next promo campaigns is.


Omnisend is well-known as an ecommerce marketing automation platform with omnichannel features. Email automation, SMS marketing, Web Push notifications, Facebook Messenger – Omnisend is an all-in-one tool.

Its in-depth integration with the most popular ecommerce platforms allows you to collect important data about your customers’ shopping behavior to use it for better personalization and segmentation.

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) was initially aimed at internal needs of the company, but now Amazon enables its users to send out marketing and transactional emails through it. Its main advantage is segmentation, allowing users to send geographically relevant content.

Campaign Monitor

This is a world-famous email service provider. Every 13th email marketer uses it. Many companies use it. It was founded over a decade ago. 

Constant Contact

Constant email marketing
Image: Constant Contact

This email marketing software tool was founded over two decades ago. And now, every 20th email marketer prefers this tool over others.

It has many strong points. One of its main advantages is logging in with PayPal account options, something that is getting more and more popular each day.


This is a typical email campaign software that provides you with details reports on OR, CTR, etc. Its email template builder may require some third-party tools to create an engaging email newsletter with embedded interactive elements.

But its main advantage is A/X testing, which means that you can send up to 4 similar email campaigns with different variables.


This is newer email marketing software, famous in Eastern and Central Europe. In February 2018, it won the first prize at the E-commerce Berlin Expo as the best customer communication tool. Its advantage is a complex segmentation to track your subscribers online and offline to provide them with even more relevant content.

Another strong advantage is the opportunity to reach customers via many channels, such as emails, Viber messenger, WhatsApp messenger (coming soon), web-push and mobile notifications. Also, it features an embedded email template builder called Stripo, which is a next-generation tool that enables you to insert interactive elements, which are an email design trend for 2018 and 2019.


Get response email marketing
Image: Get Response

GetResponse is an email campaign software that is best at running webinars. Most famous bloggers are using, making it its main advantage. GetResponse creates a sequence of emails: invitation, registration confirmation, reminder, a follow-up email to ask the attendees for feedback.


This is easily the most famous email campaign software. Every 4th email marketer uses this tool, which gives it a 26% share on the market. Initially, it was developed for small business needs, and its advantage is the “eternal free” package — send up to 12,000 emails per month for no cost until your contact base significantly grows. Also, this tool can help you with rating customers to detect the most loyal ones.


Its UI is pretty intuitive, though there is a lack of some useful features. But this is the only tool that gives “cashback” on every email opened. At the end of the billing month, they measure how many subscribers opened your emails and you receive a small percentage of money back per email back.


This email marketing automation tool sends up to 45 billion emails per month. You can import your custom email templates as an HTML file to make your email campaigns unique and sophisticated. The main feature of this tool is the possibility to measure clicks by countries.


This email marketing software is not the most famous one, but it provides high-quality service. Its advantage is dynamic personalization. This means that when sending a transactional email your customer’s way, the system will automatically insert his or her order number, date of an order, etc. This is not a unique feature, but SendinBlue is very good at it.


Most email marketing software tools are able to provide you with a complex email template builder that has both drag-and-drop and HTML editors in one to create an elegant, sophisticated email, with a real-time reporting, processed by AI, to provide you with A/B testing, with merge tags to personalize emails and their subject lines, with a few channels to communicate with customers, and certainly with a complex segmentation to let you deliver only relevant messages.

And of course, email deliverability should be 99% otherwise your emails may go to spam. Now, please check if your ESP possesses all these features. Make a good choice and may all your email marketing campaigns bring you the desired profits and success.

What email marketing software do you use? Are you happy with it? Let us know below.

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