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Best iPhone XS cases of 2020

Protect your investment with one of these great cases.

best iphone xs cases in 2020
Image: KnowTechie

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With the release of the iPhone XS, the modern smartphone standard entered a new and interesting level. Many people flocked to buy the new Apple tech masterpiece, thus shadowing over other brands even for a short while. 

If you already have an iPhone XS, then congratulations! You’ll be able to experience the most innovative things that the phone has to offer. But in order to protect your new iPhone XS from damage, you need to buy a strong case. 

Listed below are some of the best iPhone XS cases that offer a neat combo of resilience, reliability, mobility, and style.

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case – Elegant & Useful

mujjo leather best iphone xs case knowtechie

Image: KnowTechie

If you’re looking for a case for your iPhone XS, you can never go wrong with Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. This exclusive leather case offers complete body protection for your iPhone XS without diminishing its stylishness. It’s also soft to the touch but durable enough to last for a long time. 

The Mujjo leather case represents a hallmark of craftsmanship. Your phone will look more professional and dashing than ever. Currently, it’s available on three wonderful colors: olive, black, gray, and the classic tan. 

Capable of fitting up to 3 ID cards or special bank cards, the Mujjo leather case is handy enough – especially if you’re always on the go. The case is not bulky and it also has an optimized button profile for easy handling. You can now say goodbye to intrusive wallet-style cases. Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case also makes an excellent gift to your friends and relatives. 

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RhinoShield Mod Case – Full Functionality Unlocked

rhinoshield best iphone xs case knowtechie

Image: KnowTechie

RhinoShield is all about the real essence of customizability. The case is called modular because you can change the way it looks by snapping different parts and accessories. You can even pick from dozens of fascinating backplates, as well as colored bumpers. If you’re into fancy buttons, the RhinoShield Mod Case will make that possible. 

The iPhone XS may be powerful but it’s sensitive to damage from fall and wear & tear. The RhinoShield Mod Case takes care of that problem by ensuring a glass protection system that’s been tested multiple times. RhinoShield’s polymer buildup absorbs fall damage from up to 11 feet, and there’s even a bonus internal protection layer to safeguard your phone’s sensitive parts. RhinoShield Mod Case’s main protection system is called ShockSpread polymer.

RhinoShield is constantly being improved with the introduction of new and powerful parts every now and then. These parts are fully tested with up to 100% compatibility rate. You have the option to purchase RhinoShield Mod parts separately or in bulk.

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Snakehive iPhone Wallet Case – Simplicity & Reliability

shakehive best iphone xs case knowtechie

Image: KnowTechie

Quality is the strongest suit of the Snakehive Wallet Case. Made from strong and stylish nubuck leather, the Snakehive wallet case is designed to last for many years. Its excellent suede finish matures with time – a clear representation of everlasting quality that can’t be achieved by other wallet cases. 

The Snakehive wallet case has 3 card slots that can contain your bank cards, IDs, and other important notes. Aside from that, you can try out its convenient button and speaker access system. If you want to watch videos for an hour or two, you can prop up your iPhone with Snakehive’s landscape kickstand function. Since the Snakehive case is made of 100% authentic leather and inner plastic, it has a remarkable drop-and-scratch protection system. You no longer have to worry about accidental drops unless you intentionally want to wreck your precious iPhone XS.

Snakehive case is available with different colors like blue, yellow, red, green, black, and brown. This simply means that you can pick a colored Snakehive case that matches your personal style.

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Case-Mate Barely There Case – Barely There, Indeed

case mate best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

Ultra-lightweight – this is word that best describes the Case-Mate Barely There Case. Through the years, many users have complained about the bulkiness of common smartphone protective and utility cases. Case-Mate Barely There iPhone case solves that problem.

Upon snapping the Barely There case to your iPhone, you won’t feel any unnatural add-ons. It’s as if the whole case is ‘barely there’ and a real extension of your iPhone XS. Despite its lightweight, minimalistic build, Case-Mate case offers acceptable protection that will ensure your iPhone’s safety. It may not be as competitive as other cases when it comes to scratch/fall protection but it still hits the spot.

The Case-Mate Barely There Case offers a neat selection of style templates. You won’t be limited with basic colors. Rather, you can choose from various prints ranging from matte black to a fiery crimson style.

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GVIEWIN iPhone Case – All About Style

gviewein best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

Your iPhone XS is a special and pricey gadget that must be properly taken care of. One of the best ways to preserve the safety of your iPhone XS is to utilize a case that is exquisite and highly durable at the same time. This is where the GVIEWIN iPhone Case comes into play.

Sporting a marble-inspired look, the GVIEWIN iPhone Case is exquisite enough to match the value of your iPhone XS. You can select from several thin and glossy styles, and the most popular is the rose marble. It’s easy to think that the GVIEWIN case is expensive but it’s actually affordable compared to other iPhone cases.

Durability and functionality are also strong factors of the GVIEWIN case. It can absorb damage from minor accidental drops because of special corner bumpers. The buttons can also be accessed easily and there are no spatial hindrances.

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OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone XS – Protection Redefined

otterbox commuter best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

The OtterBox Commuter Series Case is built for users who are always on the go. Even though the case is slim and feels lightweight, it offers maximum protection that will ensure the general safety of your device. With the OtterBox case, your iPhone XS won’t be damaged from minimal fall and bumps. The internal and external polycarbonate shells of the case work side by side in guaranteeing on-the-go protection. Even though OtterBox’s protection level is heavy-duty, it’s still flexible and highly functional.

Black is the most popular color from the OtterBox Commuter Series. It makes your phone appear more elegant than ever. The OtterBox case also doesn’t sacrifice quality for style – unlike other fabulous iPhone XS cases. You can even purchase the Alpha Glass add-on for greater, long-term security. 

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ESR Bastion Hybrid Tough Case – Serious About Device Protection

esr bastion best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

Are you tired of buying low-quality iPhone cases that don’t deliver the protection capability they’ve promised? In that case, you should turn your attention to the ESR Bastion Hybrid Tough Case. This case is designed for optimum, heavy-duty protection that will ensure the longevity of your device. It has a dynamically hybrid structure meant to absorb damage and prevent scratches for a long time. Wear and tear will no longer be a problem because of ESR’s protective capability. And aside from damage protection, the ESR case is dust-proof.

ESR iPhone XS Case is also user-friendly. If you’ve been frustrated with cases that don’t fit easily or cases that get loose over time, ESR will keep you satisfied. The case has an ergonomic and adaptive frame with precise button cutouts for added flexibility. The grip is also comfortable, ensuring that your phone won’t slide from your hands during busy moments. Even though there are no other designs and additional styles to choose from, the ESR iPhone XS Tough Case is more than enough.

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ZIZO Bolt Series Military Grade iPhone XS Case – Simply, A Beast

zizo bolt best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

Whenever an item is marked as ‘military grade’, you will become more confident of its functions and raw capability. This is what the ZIZO Bolt Series iPhone XS Case is all about. The case offers a high-level protection system with a military-grade compliancy level. With multiple layers of damage insulation, your phone is protected from bumps and accidental falls. The case’s outer polycarbonate shell is also tough enough to withstand the ravages of time. Practically, ZIZO protects your phone from outside in.

Other iPhone cases are capable of general body protection but lack in the screen protection department. The situation is different with the ZIZO beast. It has top-notch screen protection capability – a major ‘step-up’ against scratches and small damages. Functionality is also another strong trait of the ZIZO case. You can utilize its built-in kickstand for your hands-free viewing or gaming enjoyment.

ZIZO offers different accessories and color variations to match your preferences. Some of ZIZO’s popular accessories are Premium Glass, Nano Liquid Screen Protector, and the all-popular but limited ZIZO Privacy Glass.

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OUXUL Liquid Silicone iPhone XS Case – Simply Innovative

ouxul case knowtechie best iphone xs case

Image: KnowTechie

One of the simplest looking iPhone XS cases in the market today is the OUXUL Liquid Silicone Case. But you shouldn’t judge a smartphone case by its appearance alone! The OUXUL case is capable of full-body protection without compromising flexibility. It also doesn’t appear bulky or intrusive – perfect if you’re always traveling. 

Fitting the OUXUL Liquid Silicone Case to your iPhone XS is also an easy thing to do. The edges are can snap on perfectly, and you don’t have to worry about gaps. The case is also very easy to clean because of its smooth interface. 

When it comes to functionality, the OUXUL case won’t give you any troubles. It supports a wireless charging function, as well as non-intrusive camera setup.

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Luvvitt Sleek Armor iPhone XS Case – Durable With A Formal Touch

luvvitt sleek best iphone case

Image: KnowTechie

If you’re looking for an office-inspired iPhone XS case with superior quality, the Luvvitt Sleek Armor iPhone case is the best option. This case has a slim-armor design that can fit your iPhone XS perfectly. The carbon fiber buildup of the case allows strong drop protection and instant shock absorption. On top of that, the rubber grip system of the Luvvitt case will allow better handling – especially if you’re keen on traveling most of the time. 

In terms of functionality, the Luvvitt Sleek Armor case is capable of wireless charging and improved camera integration. There are no intrusions, so you can use your iPhone XS case easily while maximizing protection level. The Luvvitt iPhone XS case also has a minimalistic appeal that will never get old. 

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Now that you’re aware of the best iPhone XS cases, you can easily make an educated decision. Just do your best to juggle the advantages and disadvantages of the discussed iPhone XS cases so that you won’t have any regrets!

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