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Best mobile spy apps that are worthy of your money

If you are concerned as to if it is ethical to use spy apps or not, check your country’s laws about spying, privacy, and stalking.

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There are so many spy apps on the market to choose from, and sometimes it may be confusing for you to choose one that is suitable. Not forgetting to mention, not all spy apps are suitable for certain kinds of usage. Some spy apps may be suitable for a family but aren’t suitable for work. 

Yes, spy apps are like antivirus software. They are made to cater to certain groups of people with specific uses in mind. Ultimately, it all comes down to its common usage: spying on your targets. 

The Best Spy Apps For Android and iPhone – Stay Hidden

Here are some of the best spy apps you can find on the market currently. This is by no means a comprehensive guide. You could look at these spy app reviews by Stefan for greater detail.

1. mSpy

mSpy is considered by many (personal use, family use, and professional use) as one of the best overall spy apps there is on the market. It is also considered as one of the best iPhone spy apps on the market, as it is as good as it gets in terms of reliability and support. It is created and developed towards monitoring your children’s phones, and even your employees’, partners’, spouses’, or whoever’s phones. 

mSpy comes with a lot of benefits with users having little to no complaints to it. It offers a good balance of price, features, and customer support. However, in order to obtain complete and extensive information on your target device, you will have to jailbreak it. 

The downside is that if you are planning to monitor different devices at one time, you’ll be out of luck. If you wish to try nonetheless, you will find that the encryption levels to be a very complicated task. 

Although its official website claims it to be simple, it isn’t. You can even also end up with difficulties with installation, updates, usage, updating location data, and whatever. 

Overall it’s actually a pretty outstanding spying app for just about everyone who is looking for a holistic spy app, this will be one of the best you can find. 

Price: Starts from US$29.99 depending on which package you choose.

2. FlexiSpy

Flexispy is undoubtable another one of the best spy apps for mobile phones. This spy app is known to be the best spy app for Android phones, although it does work on iPhones and other iOS devices too. A lot of people love Flexispy for its extensive and exclusive features, which includes the ability to access target device cameras, keylogging, to name a few. 

While Flexispy has an even bigger list of features, a lot of users are not convinced how it should come in the 1st spot on a lot of top spy apps lists. It’ll still make top best spy app lists nonetheless. 

The only reason why it does not take the number 1 spot on a lot of lists is because of some of its unethical features – like being able to access your target devices’ cameras, the keylogger feature, and you can even steal your targets’ passwords. Not forgetting it comes with an eye-featuring price of US$349 for its premium, top-notch packages!

The upside of this spy app is that it comes with more features than any of its spy app peers. Furthermore, it works very well on Android and iOS devices too. Meaning to say, its outreach to a lot of users is quite wide and extensive. 

The downside that a lot of users find is how it needs to be jailbroken on iOS and rooting on Android devices. Some features are not as ethically sound as users may find it to be. What more, its hefty price tag is considered too much to be able to afford for some people too.

Pricing: Starts from US$29.99 per month for its basic packages.

3. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is known to be the best budget choice. So if you are on a tight budget, then Highster Mobile would be a great choice for you. Aside from it being well-known as a budget choice, it is also considered as one of the best phone trackers that can be installed without needing permission on any Android or iPhone devices.

This spy app is designed towards remotely monitoring the phones of your children or your employees. How you decide to use it, is all up to you. Hightser has a lot of similar features as your typical spy apps. That is because Highster Mobile is easy to install and configure, which is a great choice for people who aren’t as tech-savvy as some other tech wizards.

Overall, Highster Mobile has basic support available, but it is not as easy and helpful as some spy apps that have better. As its user, you are required to submit questions on their website, which will be answered in a queue format. 

Pricing: Starts from US$29.99 depending on which package you choose. This is a one-time payment, which you can start setting up your Highster Mobile app and account once you have made the payment.

Our Verdict

There are a lot of really good spy apps on the market that you can choose from. Find one that best fits your needs, as you may have different aims when wanting to use it. 

Frequently Asked Question

Here is one frequently asked question (FAQ) that may be useful for some users.

Q: Is spy apps legal?

If you are concerned as to if it is ethical to use spy apps or not, check your country’s laws about spying, privacy, and stalking. Such laws differ from countries to countries, regions to regions. Don’t assume if it is legal in one region, it will be in other regions.

You do have to keep in mind, however, that it is illegal to install a monitoring app on a phone you do not own. If you have no permission to monitor or do not own the device, you have no legal rights to purchase this product.

Otherwise, if it is all right to track someone, especially if it is your children, your siblings, or your spouse it should be all right. It generally is considered acceptable to do so at your own discretion. 

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