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Best online guide to buying E cigs and vapes

There’s a lot of options out there. Be sure to pick the right one that best suits your needs.

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What are e cigarettes: it’s an electronic cigarette, as its name suggests and is operated through a battery. These are long tubes resembling an actual cigarette, pipe, or a cigar. The long tubes or cartridges carry flavored liquid, typically containing nicotine along with other ingredients.

On switching on the power button, the juice gets heated up. This produces vapor is then inhaled by the user. To make the user’s experience more life-like, there are also vapes where puffing produces vapor. Vape is often used as an interchangeable term for an electronic cigarette. Most of these devices are reusable, having replaceable and refillable cartridges. However, some of them are even disposable.

How did e cigs come into practice?

The e cigarette was introduced as a safe and harmless alternative to smoking by replacing tobacco with moist and flavored air. This device was first patented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1967. Later, in the year 2033, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist is known to have introduced the first generation vapes which contained the piezoelectric element. Its function was to vaporize the liquid in the cartridges.

In the coming 2004, Hon Lik introduced vapes to the Chinese market. Slowly, the sales took over the continent and gained popularity. This led to massive growth in the rate of online sales as well.  With its introduction to the American market, the annual sales rate of vapes grew exponentially. As a result, leading companies Reynolds, Imperial Tobacco, and many more entered into the trade.

How to use?

A vape essentially contains a cartridge or mouthpiece, a rechargeable battery, a heating element, and an electronic circuit. You can get an idea of how some of these look via Cloudstix.

The mouthpiece or the cartridge is fixed at the end of a long tube. It contains the liquid drenched absorbent material placed inside a small cup. This cartridge can be either refilled or replaced with a new one. The heating element is the atomizer. It heats the liquid to the extent that it vaporizes which is then inhaled by the user. The battery powers the whole vaporization process. It is usually rechargeable.

There is usually a sensor that activates the device when puffed. The solution, or the e-juice as it is called, is made by mixing nicotine (extracted from tobacco) with Propylene Glycol (PG) and added flavor. However, there are also brands that offer vapes without nicotine. A vast range of flavors is available for the users, from traditional, fruity to even lava flow.  A number of them also try to replicate the conventional tobacco cigarette flavor.

Benefits of e cigs

Cigarette smoking is highly detrimental to health. In fact, on average, your life span is reduced by ten years due to regular smoking. Moreover, it heightens the risks of chronic health issues like heart attack, asthma, stroke, COPD and also cancer. The highly toxic smoke also fastens the physical aging process while entering into your body.

Various studies across the globe have proven that vapes are certainly less harmful over cigarettes. The biggest benefit of vapes is that they do not produce the toxic gases or tar highly found in traditional cigarette smoke. It’s critical to understand that carcinogenic material is mostly found in the tar itself.

For people who are regular smokers, switching to vapes might prove very beneficial. It has been indicated through research that the use of vapes results in reduced addiction to smoke. It has been regarded as an effective way to quit smoking. However, regular use of vapes is still discouraged to the non-smokers.

What all points to consider before buying an e-cig?

If this is your first time buying an e cig, it might occur as a difficult decision initially. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from hunting for the best option for yourself. You could look at the following points to help you sort out your preferences.

  • A vape is either a cigalike or a mod. A cigalike looks like a tobacco cigarette and is narrow and light. It usually produces less vapor than a mod. A mod is of two types, box mods, and tube mods. Box mods are heavier and are often difficult to contain in your pocket. Though, it offers much more features than a tube mod.
  • There are many companies that sell disposable vapes. It provides much more resemblance to using a tobacco cigarette. Once the battery is dead, it can be simply disposed of. These are convenient to use and carry. However, rechargeable vapes do not need to be disposed of completely. Only their cartridges can be replaced when exhausted. They cost much less and are highly popular.
  • It is always more appealing to go for the ones that are easier to use. However, you’d be quite surprised to know that most of the best e cigs in the world are not that convenient.  Therefore, there will always be a choice to be made between performance and convenience.
  • While shopping for vapes, you will find mods to be more expensive than cigalikes. However, you also need to keep a count on the recurring costs. Though a cigalike might look like the one requiring regular expenditure on cartridges, it will still cost much lesser than a mod.
  • Since it is an electronic device, you need to be mindful of the safety features that it offers. For instance, temperature monitoring, short circuit protection, over or under voltage protection, over or under current protection and reverse battery protection.
  • All the good vapes in the market come with additional accessories. Before buying one, have a look at the accessories that will go along. You can look for a wall charger, cartridges, USB charger,  car charger, e-liquids, lanyard, glass enclosures, atomizer coils, etc.
  • Vapes come in fixed or removable battery variants. Fixed battery mods are smaller and can be charged through a USB port. It has low initial costs and doesn’t require an external charger. However, removable batteries are more convenient in situations when the battery stops working. Multiple batteries can also be charged at the same time to avoid any hindrance in the usage of the vape.

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