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Best sites to buy real Instagram followers

Find out which are the best sites to buy Instagram followers and if it’s worth the change or not.

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Nowadays, Instagram has become an essential social network that allows millions of creators to live from it, some very well. 

However, starting from scratch is difficult, so more and more influencers and brands are choosing to buy active Instagram followers.

Let’s see which are the best sites to buy Instagram followers Canada and if it’s worth the change or not.

Best sites to buy real Instagram followers

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SuperViral is among the highly secure network. They don’t request your password or any other access information. 

They focus exclusively on your goals and provide you with results for each type of budget. It’s also known in the market for its refund promise to customers. So, if you don’t see the expected result, you won’t lose anything in the process.

However, the platform’s efficiency has helped thousands of users, so you will not have to ask for a refund. 

They can also help boost your social media with video views, auto-likes, and more. SuperViral is a secure platform with a lot to offer.

SuperViral has a pretty good interface that will help you buy Instagram followers Australia, bringing the most value to your profile.

They are renowned for providing real-time followers free from spammers.

2. SuperViral.Ca

SuperViral is a company that has been in the market for many years and has learned to adapt and grow over time according to the needs of social networks. 

They are not only a brand that can help you buy Instagram followers but also help you grow your online presence.

They are known for running some of the best social media promotions to boost your business and indirectly help you grow your social media following. Moreover, they work with exact deadlines and offer a very attractive price.

With a straightforward and easy-to-use website, as a user, you’ll find yourself making quick decisions with all the pros and cons listed there.

3. Viplikes

If you want to develop your social media page super quickly, efficiently, and without any worries about service quality, is a website for you.

This company starts working on their clients’ orders in less than a minute after they get them, so you immediately receive the first results by improving the statistics on your page.

And yes, they are offering real followers, likes, views, whatever you need: they operate by cooperating with actual social media platform users and rewarding them for becoming their clients’ “supporters.”

If you don’t want to settle for something less than that, go to this website and check out the variety of services that they offer besides the opportunity to buy Instagram followers: there are mono packages that will deliver you comments or likes only, and there are more complicated offers which will deliver you several promotional options in one pack.

They also offer monthly and weekly subscriptions to certain services, so you wouldn’t have to worry about rearranging the orders and getting more subscribers, likes, or comments right after the previous order is done. 

The most pleasing part is that Viplikes offers “trials” that are almost free: for $0.99, you can get 50 Instagram followers, 50 Facebook likes, and some other small packages that will show you what a top-notch service this company provides.

You won’t be able to find something like this on other platforms, so we think that it is fair to say that such an approach to clients can be called unique in 2022.


All of us have been catching ourselves thinking at a certain point in time: “Why haven’t I yet tried to promote my social media profile via paid services?”

We have an answer: because you haven’t yet found This is a website that offers more than a hundred promotional services for various social media websites.

They have a great policy of letting their clients buy Instagram followers and likes, and they never use bots and fakes to promote their clients’ pages. 

The delivery of the chosen promo service starts super quickly, so you could see the first results literally in 1 minute of their work on your page.

No special data is needed for that: only your username and the number of subs, thumbs up, comments, or whatever you need to be delivered.

The system of payments is very convenient as well: they offer multiple ways of paying, including cryptocurrency! 

Soclikes team has thousands of satisfied clients and more than 8 years of work behind their backs: these guys know exactly what they are doing in social media marketing and don’t need a detailed presentation.

It is enough to say that their regular clients’ base is probably one of the biggest among the resources that offer to develop social media pages via third-party services.

The price of the packages starts from $0,99, which makes it simply illogical not to try their services, don’t you think? 

Yes, it is legal to buy real Instagram followers. 

It’s indeed a controversial marketing strategy, but millions of people around the world still use it.

Most people will tell you not to buy followers because it doesn’t look cool, but it’s still a great strategy and currently the only way to grow your following at a reasonable price.

Do famous people buy real Instagram followers? 

Yes, many famous people buy Instagram followers regularly. We are not going to name any of them here; since they probably would not be happy if this became public.

But you should know that most celebrities have bought Instagram followers at least once in their careers to gain notoriety. 

Some celebrities may have purchased small amounts of followers, so they don’t get noticed. In contrast, others have opted to buy hundreds of thousands or millions of followers to gain credibility with their sponsors.

The benefits of buying quality Instagram followers

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Image: KnowTechie

Buying Instagram followers is cheap

Buying active Instagram followers is one of the cheapest ways to increase your visibility on that app. Indeed, for a few tens of euros, you can build an audience of 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

Whereas if you were to advertise on your own through Facebook or Instagram, it would probably cost you several thousand dollars for the same result.

Increase your visibility

Instagram highlights accounts with a large number of Instagram followers rather than accounts that are just starting.  This is because algorithms consider accounts followed by many to be more relevant than accounts with few or no followers.

If you also have more followers, your account will likely be featured.

Boost your profile

A person with 10,000 followers on Instagram is more credible than someone with only 100 or 200 followers. This is even more important if your Instagram account is professional. 

Indeed, having more followers will allow you to be better perceived by your customers and boost your sales.

Snowball effect

As we say, the world attracts the world.

Would you eat in an empty restaurant or a full one? I think the answer is obvious. 

Tell yourself it’s the same on Instagram. You are much more likely to follow someone who has many followers because their content will seem better to you than someone who has few followers on Instagram. 

In short, the more Instagram followers you have, the more you will get in the future.

how to unmute someone on instagram
Image: KnowTechie

Should I opt for instant or progressive delivery?

This will depend on your needs and wants. 

Some people want to get their followers for weeks or months so their community doesn’t realize they’re buying Instagram followers, which is entirely understandable.

Other people start from 0 and want quick results, so they prefer to buy Instagram followers with instant delivery to save time.

Therefore, there is no better solution than another, but it depends mainly on your strategy and needs.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers without loss?

The cost of buying followers will depend on the service provider you use and your order quantity. The more followers you ask from at the start, the more you get an exciting cost.

Here is an idea of ​​the prices for the purchase of a high-quality follower:

  • 100 Instagram followers: $2.99.
  • 1000 Instagram followers: $12.99.
  • 5k Instagram followers: $39.99.
  • 10k Instagram followers: $71.99.
  • 15k Instagram followers: $105

How many Instagram followers to buy?

instagram likes

Many new influencers do not know how many followers they need to buy. This is normal when you have never ordered any.

You may not know the impact of purchasing 1000 Instagram followers on your visibility. Or if it’s already enough to have a good reputation on the app.

It’s important to note that the number of Instagram followers you’ll buy will depend on several aspects:

  • Your budget.
  • Your goals.
  • Your field of activity.


Although most of these services seem like magic for your social media pages, they will only be effective if you work hard to get the most out of them. This means that you should also keep your page active with fresh content.

All these services work by promoting your content to a more significant number of people and getting engagement to your profile. This will indirectly help get your page to more people. 

A dead Instagram profile will only attract low-quality leads – while better content will ensure higher profitability. 

To achieve the best results, do not hesitate to turn to SuperViral. It can be your trusted partner in all things social media.

Before signing up for any of these services, make sure you know your goals and invest your money responsibly by buying small packages. As you see results, you can always increase your investment.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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