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Best tools that will help you build and manage your distributed teams

With these handy tools, you can not only manage your remote teams but also build a highly productive and collaborative environment

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In the digital world, remote teams are becoming a reality and how. No one would have imagined working from remote locations a few years back. While the trend was seeing an upward move with more and more companies working with gig workers, the ongoing pandemic has been like a test run for internal remote teams.

The model has been so successful that several renowned technology giants are already planning to adopt it full time. However, building and managing a remote team comes with its own set of challenges.

The distance may seem intimidating to managers who are used to being in the same office as their teams. They may feel the load of limitations that such a working environment brings.

When an organization decides to work remotely, the first problem that the managers may face is that of hiring a remote team.

Resources That Make Hiring A Remote Team Easier


If you are working towards building a tech solution and want to hire the top talent in the industry, you need not look far. Gigster allows you to hire teams that have a proven track record. At a time when attracting the top engineers has become a pain, it gives you easy access to a wide pool of talent.

Moreover, a flexible association allows you to transform your team with the right talent as per the needs of your project.

Arc Dev

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be huge. You may feel the pressure to hire the right talent all the more in a remote setup.

If you want to hire highly-skilled developers, Arc Dev is the best place to connect with this cream of talent. Arc dev review from the market has been great because of their capability to connect their clients with top talent within a matter of days.


While Upwork is not essentially a tool, it can be a crucial resource in making your project a successful one. You can sign up as a business owner and connect with skilled professionals to execute an ongoing project.

Upwork is more useful if you have a short term requirement or a specialized need. Moreover, it allows you to test a professional’s expertise. You can go ahead and hire them if you want to evaluate a person with real-time projects.

Tools To Manage Remote Teams & Ensure Productivity


When the team is co-located, most of the communication happens in-person. The conversations can range from casual to work-related information exchange. In a distributed team, these interactions get reduced.

Emails do not support real-time conversations because of the amount of to and fro it can take. Slack, an instant messaging platform, is a better alternative and can become your virtual office.

The tool allows you to make different chatrooms, that are also called channels. These channels allow your team to have different conversations instead of having one cluttered inbox.

You can make as many as a thousand channels to support different aspects of your project. You can organize them by topic, make private groups and also use it for direct messaging.


When you work with a remote team, you may find it cumbersome to supervise the work progress using sticky notes and spreadsheets. You can simplify it by using Trello.

It is a visual tool that allows you to create task boards with different columns. You can also align them as per your priority and mark your progress by updating the status of each task. Moreover, you can allocate tasks to the team members simply by dragging cards.

For a remote working team, the tool can give you a map-like view with due dates and locations of the members. It also gives notifications as and when the tasks are updated.


Do you need a common platform where all the developers can come together? If yes, GitHub is an excellent tool that does this and has got the developer community excited for all the right reasons.

It is a tool that allows coders to share their codes and manage and store revisions of projects. It allows the developers to make changes to the latest version of the project. It is in contrast to the normal way of working, which is to download the latest version on one’s desktop, make changes and then upload it again to the server.

Microsoft Teams

Are you looking for a single tool that can enable file storage & collaboration, application integration, workplace chat, and video meetings? If yes, Microsoft Teams is the answer for you. It is a chat-based collaboration platform that allows users to have an online shared workspace.

You can build multiple channels on this tool. These channels become conversation boards for your team members and allow you to distinguish between tasks and conversations.

The best part is that Microsoft Teams also allows online video calling and screen sharing. You can even hold online meetings and engage an audience of up to 10,000 users. Furthermore, the tool allows video sharing to enable real-time collaboration.

Process Street

Processes help streamline business activity. However, ensuring that everyone follows the process can become challenging in a remote working environment. Moreover, it can stress you mentally if you have to remember every small detail.

Process Street allows you to create processes, make checklists and assign them to your team members. You can also check their progress on the dashboard to know the status.

For instance, onboarding a remote employee can be challenging due to the sheer number of things that a new employee needs. There are multiple things that the HR team would need to do, like setting the login credentials and introducing the team members. The HR department can make this checklist on Process Street to ensure a consistent onboarding experience.


What’s an office without documents to sign, right? From accepting their offer to exiting, you will need your members to sign on multiple documents. The process of scanning documents, sending soft copies and taking print outs can be a tedious one.

Welcome, HelloSign, an app that allows you to send documents easily. Moreover, it is also easy for your team members to sign and send them back to you.


With these handy tools, you can not only manage your remote teams but also build a highly productive and collaborative environment. You can also increase the engagement of your team as they will be able to focus more on the strategic aspects of their jobs.

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