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Best ways to get an RTX 3000 series graphics card

If you are struggling to score one of these RTX 3000 series cards, this article might help you increase the chances of getting one.

nvidia graphics cards
Image: Nvidia

2020 has been an exciting year for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Nvidia has released their new series of Geforce RTX cards, followed by its counterpart AMD with its RX 6000 series GPUs and a new line up of Ryzen processors.

But PC builders didn’t expect that all of these new components will be sold-out in a matter of minutes right after the release date, which is most probably because manufacturers have very minimal stocks and scalpers already had their scripts and bots ready for the initial launch, buying every each of the GPUs available in the market.

The Nvidia‘s GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards have been a hot topic for PC builders and gamers alike. A significant jump of these Ampere cards to the previous generation (Turing) brought us to a new level of gaming realism. But again, these graphics cards are extremely rare right now, and getting one of these graphics cards is almost close to impossible.

If you are struggling to score one of these RTX 3000 series cards, this article might help you increase the chances of getting one.

Know when the retailers restock

Image: Nvidia

By knowing the retailers or manufacturers restock their products you can increase the chances of getting one. Subscribing to their email list (which is probably on their website) is a great way. You will be notified about their latest updates, including the restocking of their products.

News websites (like us) are also a great source for getting updates, most probably because some of these news websites have already built their contacts and relationship with the manufacturers or retailers. Just find websites that publish news articles related to the PC building / Computer hardware niche.

Distill and OctoShop Service Apps

Image: Distill

Monitor product availability using Distill and OctoShop Service Apps. I personally like the Distill app not just it’s easy to use but also it is quite good when it comes to product tracking accuracy. You can easily track major retailers and manufacturer’s using the Distill app, you just need to set it up yourself.

There are three easy steps to do this – create a free account on Distill, find the exact product page you want to track, and set up notifications or alerts if changes are happening on that page. Same with the OctoShop, the process is very similar, but with only additional features like product price & shipping speed comparison.

Buying Prebuilt PCs

If you are still unlucky to score one of the RTX 3000 Series graphics cards, one best way is to buy a Prebuilt PC that has one in it. Luckily, Nvidia has been dealing with companies that produce Prebuilt PCs, and sell them their graphics cards before the actual release. There are a handful of Prebuilt PCs available right now on Amazon and on other retail websites.

Although it’s hard to accept that Prebuilt PCs build up a bad reputation to us, mostly because of the unlikely components inside them. Some of them have great graphics card but paired it with a terrible CPU, which can cause bottlenecking issues, and some have a good combination of CPUs / GPUs but mixed it with terrible PSUs and cooling configuration.

These are the reasons why most users prefer to build it themselves. But lucky for us, there are still plenty of Prebuilt PCs that aren’t bad at all. Our fellow PC builder on The Technoburst just published an article composes of Prebuilt PCs that feature the GeForce RTX 3080, 3090, and 3070. Indeed, there are Prebuilt PCs out there that you can buy for a reasonable price and good at overall components pairings.

One best way to get a good deal when you’re buying a prebuilt Desktop PC is to check it yourself. If you are not enthusiastic enough to examine it, you can use PC Part Picker Software. By putting all of the components, it will show plenty of good information like bottlenecking issues, power supply requirements, and more.

Join PC Hardware / Builder Forums & Communities

Image Credit: reddit/r/buildapc

There are no other great sources than forums with people participating in the group on a regular basis. PCMR does have Facebook groups, Reddit forums, and discord server where thousands of PC hardware enthusiasts are actively participating. Subreddits such as r/buildapc and r/hardware does have millions of members.

However, make sure to read each group’s terms, conditions, and rules before joining the group. I myself constantly checking on subreddits about what’s happening in PC Hardware world, I would say subreddits and Facebook groups is a good source since there are experts, news reporters, and journalist also joined these communities.


2021 might be the hardest time to build a PC – scalpers reselling these new components almost 3x the MSRP and manufacturers produce only minimal stocks.

For people that are building from scratch and don’t have other components yet, I highly recommend getting a prebuilt desktop computer, this might be a good choice if you really want to have a PC powered by new components like the Geforce RTX 3000 series. But if you just want to upgrade your PC with the use of these new components, the first 2 and the last one might be the best option for you.

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