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Best ways to use technology to reach customers

There are a number of methods and tools out there that can help you reach your customers effectively and efficiently. Here’s what you need to know.

How we use technology and communicate has changed in the last year. Communication is a priority in everyday life. It’s how we check in on each other.  It’s how we collaborate. It’s how we conduct business, and so much more.

As a business, finding ways to communicate with your customers quickly, simply, and effectively is crucial to success. There are a number of methods and tools out there that can help you reach your customers effectively and efficiently.

Text Messaging

Texting is the most common form of communication, and there are reasons for that. People check their phones an average of five times an hour, and when they do, texts get opened 98% of the time. This makes it an extremely powerful tool for sharing critical messages! 

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For example, text messaging can be a great way for:

  • Schools and universities to keep students and parents informed about school closings, due dates and events.
  • Real estate agents to inquire with prospective leads as well as keeping buyers and sellers informed.
  • Restaurants and retail locations offering promos and specials for anyone who joins their texting club.

Tools like EZTexting, SimpleTexting, and TextMagic have robust texting solutions for full-scale, two-way SMS marketing. All these tools are beneficial if you’re only looking for a texting solution and are okay with another monthly subscription. For those looking to provide information to contacts via one-way texting all while paying as you go for what you use, Ryngly can be a great solution that also allows for reaching your contacts with a phone call.

Conference Calling

Texting may be a great method for reaching the masses, but sometimes nothing beats getting on the phone. What takes multiple messages back and forth could be resolved in a few quick sentences over the phone. Some examples of when a call comes in handy:

  • Associations comprised of members near and far utilizing conference calls for their board meetings.
  • IT teams working together during a system outage to quickly diagnose and resolve critical IT issues as soon as possible.
  • Event coordinators bringing together multiple vendors communicating quickly and easily to bring it all together.

Tools by Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and GoTo have made us very familiar with the modern conference call, often known as a video call. There is no doubt when video is a necessity, these solutions work if you have the software downloaded for everyone to join. 

Ryngly looks to fill the gap for all the times video isn’t required. Ryngly dials out to all participants directly. No software, downloads, or monthly commitments are required. You can instantly get your team on a call or schedule it in advance. Finally, you control how much you spend with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Ultimately, how you decide to communicate is a decision only you can make. Each person has specific needs, use cases, challenges, and more. What works for one accountant might not work for another, and that rings true across all industries. We hope that you have learned what communication tool options you may have available to use in the marketplace, as well as a clear understanding that Ryngly can be a great solution for simple communications, used the way you want when you want, commitment-free. 

We built Ryngly for the consumer who needs to get things done quickly and efficiently. That is why we’re offering a $10 credit to get started today to help you solve your communication needs! Learn more about Ryngly.

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