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Bitcoin vs. Gold – the ultimate battle

Each has its own pros and cons, and it’s impossible to choose the objectively best one. Do your own research based on our points, and diversify your portfolio as you see fit.

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Bitcoin and gold are two investments that often go head to head. Many claim Bitcoin will replace gold as a store of value, while others believe there’s room for both. The historical asset vs. the future one. Which is the better investment to make? This post will discuss the pros and cons of both, so you can make an investment that works for you.  


The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is viewed in various ways by many. Enthusiasts want Bitcoin to replace traditional fiat. These top-tier users claim the financial system is broken, and a decentralized currency is a way to fix it. Some see it as an alternative investment in their portfolio. A store of value similar to gold, as mentioned.

Which is it, actually? Well, the answer is anyone’s guess for now.

Systems in place are pointing Bitcoin toward being a societal currency. Companies like PayPal have integrated wallets and storage for the asset, meaning users can spend it on coffee and other goods and services. Cryptocurrency IRA’s are in place as well, ensuring long-term investors can profit largely from the asset.

Already, these features are something gold can’t do. That long-standing asset is not used like a traditional currency. Most bullion is stuck in vaults, with investors waiting for its value to increase only to sell it.

Bitcoin is also fairly easy to buy. Not that gold isn’t, but the decentralized asset can be purchased in seconds with just a credit card, eschewing the extra storage fees that come with gold. That and some places even allow you to purchase Bitcoin anonymously. That privacy is significant to many enthusiasts, especially in a world where information is currency.

It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin can be an entryway into other cryptocurrencies. As you may know, you can buy nearly any other digital asset with Bitcoin. For technologically inclined users who care about crypto’s use case, Bitcoin’s usability is a significant positive.

All of that said, Bitcoin is still a new asset. Gold has been around for centuries. It’s a tried-and-true asset. Bitcoin has only existed for a decade or so. The asset could fail just as easily as it started, and that risk is too much for some. It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin is quite volatile. Some may benefit from the volatility, while other investors might not care for it. Gold’s value is reasonably stable and will likely remain that way.


Gold is a currency that has existed for centuries. While it hasn’t been used as a currency for some time, the asset has since helped long-term investors profit. That longevity has made gold one of the most sought after investments in the world, though it has stabilized the price to some degree as well.

Investors don’t go to gold for a quick profit. They go to gold to put their money away and wait for it to bloom. That stability is a significant boon for many who don’t want or need to risk their funds. Gold is also reasonably easy to purchase. Just like with Bitcoin, many online exchanges exist to help you buy gold without issue. However, these spaces also charge extra for storage fees. That gold has to sit somewhere!

Also, it costs even more to get that gold in your possession. Then, one has to buy a safe or somewhere else secure to place it. Bitcoin’s security comes built-in without any extra fees. That said, the volatility many experiences with Bitcoin can put some investors off. In fact, some might be willing to pay the extra gold fees to avoid such volatility.

Those interested can also look into a gold-backed cryptocurrency, which merges the two worlds together. However, only those who are good with technology should do so, while traditionalists should stick with normal gold investing.

Overall, the best asset is based on your investment personality. Are you willing to risk volatility to profit off of Bitcoin? Do you want a long-standing asset with low-risk, like gold? Each has its own pros and cons, and it’s impossible to choose the objectively best one. Do your own research based on our points, and diversify your portfolio as you see fit.

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