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BitQT app review 2020 – is the app scam or legit?

In this article, we did a review of BitQT App and came to a conclusion if the automated trading software is a scam or legit.


Trading cryptocurrencies have been profitable for traders around the globe. Experienced traders prefer manual trading as they have more confidence and experience so they can spot the trading opportunities without any assistance. But there is something else out there that helps traders catching trades easier and more efficiently – trading bots.

Trading bots or differently known as the automated trading software, basically work on their own. They do everything a trader could do manually and more, but way faster, thus saving one’s time. Throughout the not too long history of cryptocurrencies, many trading bots have emerged. But some of them have turned out to be scams ripping people off. 

We tested the BitQT trading app, and we will elaborate more on what we found out about it below.

Is Bitqt a Scam?

Based on our research Bitqt is not a scam. Bitqt has won few design and software awards and is fully deserved. Based on the online reviews Bitqt is absolutely legit and trustworthy, and is recommended by The Silicon Review as the best trading software in 2020.

What is BitQT?

BitQT is a trading bot that uses the latest automated trading technology. With more than 80,357 active users in 120 countries around the globe, BitQT is one of the most prestigious trading apps out there. The algorithms that BitQT uses will help you find the best trades without needing skills or knowledge. Basically, the BitQT app does the job on its own.

Start Trading With BitQT App For Free

Key Benefits of BitQT

If you have been thinking to start trading cryptocurrencies but never really got into it, you should definitely give BitQT a try. Here are some of the benefits that the app has:

  • Use it on the go – You can use the app anywhere you are since it can be used on the smartphone also. You can check the charts and everything necessary all on your smartphone screen.
  • Instant withdrawal – You can withdraw your money anytime you want instantly, without any fees or hidden charges.
  • Demo account – BitQT has a demo account, so novice traders can use it until they get comfortable with the app, without risking anything. 
  • $1,267 potential payout – Once you set everything up and you are ready to go there is a potential to make more than $1000 a day trading with BitQT.
  • Accurate predictions – BitQT makes accurate cryptocurrency price predictions based upon which it makes the trade placing decisions.
  • Free Coaching – BitQT supports the users of the platform not only through their customer service department but also it helps them on their trading journey with advice from experts. Anything you can be concerned about, you can just ask, and they will figure it out for you.
  • High Security – BitQT is entirely secure since it uses the most sophisticated web-trader platform.

You can also check the Bitqt Crunchbase account.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin right now?

“Bitcoin is a techno tour de force,” Bill Gates was quoted to say back in 2018, describing Bitcoin as an unstoppable force. There was so much scepticism about Bitcoin when it got released in 2009, but Bitcoin proved naysayers wrong, reaching its all-time high of $20,000 in 2017. 

2020 has so far been an excellent year for cryptocurrency traders. Due to coronavirus Bitcoin dropped almost hitting $3,000 but then climbed back up quickly and now it stands just below $10,000. Cryptocurrency experts believe that now is the right time to invest in Bitcoin as it is expected that the value of it will only increase. The cryptocurrency expert Ivan On Tech made his prediction saying that Bitcoin will reach $40,000 by December of 2021. He also said that Ethereum will reach $4,000 by then. This is an excellent opportunity to get familiar and start trading cryptocurrencies with the BitQT app. 

Join BitQT App Now For Free

How to start trading with BitQT?

Starting to trade with BitQT is easy. There are three necessary steps you have to follow:

  1. Open an account

Just visit the BitQT site and fill up the registration form. There is some basic information you will have to provide such as your name, phone number and email. Then you will have to set up a password.

  1. Fund your account

After you fill the information and create your account, then you will have to fund it to get started trading. You can start with as low as $250. You can invest more since there is no limit. It’s all up to you!

  1. Start trading

The third step is the most exciting one. You can try the demo mode to get used to the app, or you can just start trading right away. You don’t need to do anything, just click trade and watch the app getting the job done.

Why choose the BitQT app?

BitQT app uses the latest and most sophisticated automated trading technology. That’s why the app performs a 99.4% accuracy level. Also, with BitQT, the advanced software predicts the market movements and does it 0.01 seconds faster than other trading bots. This will get you ahead and closer to catching better trades. Moreover, BitQT is an award-winning app, since it has won an award from the International Trading Association.

Why are cryptocurrencies getting more recognition in today’s economy?

Cryptocurrencies are indeed expanding and becoming more critical in today’s economy. Banks and financial institutions have started to adopt blockchain technology and launch their own stablecoins. Recently Russia’s biggest bank, Sberbank, decided to launch its own stablecoin and the Basler Kantonalbank, which is a state-run bank in Switzerland, launched its cryptocurrency services. These are just two examples from so many other financial institutions that are doing the same thing. Moreover, this is a sign that cryptocurrencies are just growing and if you do not get involved and get your piece now, it might be too late to do it later. 


BitQT app is an entirely legit trading platform. In times like these, when cryptocurrencies are booming and are expected to grow more, the BitQT app is an excellent option to start your trading journey and earn money. Cryptocurrencies now are like the internet in the ’90s. It wasn’t too big back then, but the internet took over later and now is an integral part of our life. The same thing will happen with cryptocurrencies. So, don’t waste time and jump into the boat!

Start Trading Now With BitQT App For Free

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