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Bloom is a creepy new iPhone app that uses AI to let you make edits on your face

I have a feeling we’ll continue to see more of these pop up.

bloom app
Image: Bloom

The latest in freaky photo editing apps is Bloom, a “next-generation photo editor” that uses AI to enable some pretty astonishing things. It’s also free (for now), but it’s only available for… pre-order right now? It is expected to release on December 15.

Feel like you don’t smile confidently enough in pics? How about if you always blink at the wrong time in group photos? Bloom can fix those for you.

This AI-powered photo editing app is pretty freaky

Created by Aarlo Stone Fish, the AI-powered photo app can already do some pretty impressive changes to your photos. With his background in affiliate marketing, it’s probably only a matter of time before Bloom does more than just help you age your photos though…

Currently, Bloom can do the following to your snaps:

  • Change your age, making your face older (or younger) at the drag of a slider
  • Missed the shutter and your smile wasn’t as large as you wanted? No problem, fix that with another slider, which even adds teeth!
  • Used a flash and it made you squint or blink? Fix that with the third slider, which makes your eyes look more open.

The contact page has a different screen that doesn’t appear to be live yet, which suggests Bloom could even change the emotion portrayed on your face. Wow. Anyway, let’s hope that this face-changer isn’t sending your photos to Russia, or anywhere else…

What do you think? Plan on trying this app out? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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