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Bluetooth hearing aids: A complete package for enhancing hearing ability

Bluetooth hearing aids offer you so many benefits over conventional hearing aids.

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If you have trouble with your hearing – whether due to age, an illness, or an injury, you’re likely familiar with hearing aids.

Hearing aids can make a world of difference if you have hearing loss by helping you hear better and having to strain less to hear what others are saying.

As technology has evolved, so have hearing aids. They are now much smaller and more discreet than they used to be. 

They can also be paired with modern technology, such as Bluetooth. With Bluetooth technology, you can connect your hearing device to other devices, enabling you to hear better in various situations. 

We’ll tell you:

  • What Bluetooth hearing aids are.
  • How they differ from ordinary hearing aids.
  • What advantages Bluetooth hearing aids offer.
  • How they can help enhance your hearing.

What exactly are Bluetooth hearing aids?

While Bluetooth hearing aids are relatively new, they’re becoming quite popular – and for a good reason! Bluetooth hearing aids offer so much in the way of features and functionality:

  1. Bluetooth hearing aids are an enhanced version of conventional hearing aids. Traditional hearing aids solely amplify the sound you hear around you, whereas Bluetooth hearing aids let you directly connect to sound if it’s coming from a Bluetooth-compatible device.
  1. These hearing aids can connect to various Bluetooth-compatible devices and accessories such as your Smartphone, your TV, your computer and even microphones.
  2. A Bluetooth hearing aid offers so many features beyond conventional hearing aids. You can use them to connect to and answer your phone directly or watch TV at a volume that works for you – or even listen to music.

How Bluetooth Hearing Aids Differ From Ordinary Hearing Aids

The primary way that Bluetooth hearing aids differ from ordinary hearing aids is in the additional features that they offer. Bluetooth hearing aids offer the following:

  • Smartphone connectivity. Most Bluetooth hearing aids come with apps that you can use to help control your hearing aids. You can use the apps to increase or decrease the volume on your aids and even search for them if you can’t find them.
  • Streaming. Streaming via your Bluetooth hearing aids lets you answer your phone directly through your hearing aids. You can even stream music and other audio like your favourite podcast from your phone or computer directly to your hearing aids.
  • Remote microphones. It can be challenging to hear other people in busy and loud places, such as restaurants, when you have hearing aids. With Bluetooth technology, you can use your phone as a microphone. The person you are with can speak into it, and their voice will be directly amplified into your ears via your hearing aids. 
  • They’re wireless and so easy to use. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you connect wirelessly to a variety of devices, including TVs and phones. The wireless connection brings music and sound directly to your ears – no more fumbling around with remote controls!  

What are the advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids offer several advantages over traditional hearing aids:

  • Mobile connectivity enables you to take calls and stream music directly from your phone.
  • Excellent sound quality, including a higher resolution and better quality.
  • Great noise reduction. They can decrease background noise, so you hear only what you want to.
  • Tinnitus support by playing white noise and other soothing sounds.
  • Personalized listening as the audio you stream will be personalized to match the volume you need.
  • Hearing sounds with both ears at the same time. Your two hearing aids can communicate, with one hearing aid sending sounds to the other via binaural programming.  

How can Bluetooth hearing aids help enhance my hearing abilities?

The right hearing aid helps make a massive difference in your quality of life and how well you can hear everything you want. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you’ll hear better because:

  • You can stream audio from phone calls, music and TVs directly to your hearing aids.
  • You can reduce background noise and help decrease the effects of tinnitus.
  • Your hearing aids support each other and let you hear sounds in both ears.
  • You can pair your hearing aids with directive microphones that amplify a specific speaker.

Improve Your Life Today With Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids offer you so many benefits over conventional hearing aids. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can stream audio directly to your hearing aids – no more having to fiddle with remote controls or asking people to turn the volume up.

If you’re in a busy, crowded situation, you can take advantage of the directive microphone feature your Bluetooth hearing aids offer so you can still hear the person you’re with clearly. Bluetooth hearing aids provide excellent sound quality and even let you answer your phone directly through them.

With so many great features, it’s time to start looking for your Bluetooth hearing aids today.

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