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BLUETTI’s EB70 is a $499 portable power station that you can take anywhere

This is one of the most affordable power stations on the market right now.

bluetti eb70 powerstation

BLUETTI, a renewable energy company, launched the BLUETTI AC200 solar energy storage station in July 2020, which raised more than $6.8M and broke the highest record for self-funding in the solar energy storage industry, which left its competitors far behind.

Now they have introduced the impressively compact EB70. Weighing only 21 lbs with a nice foldable handle design, the EB70 packs a great deal of power for its size.

With a decent 716Wh battery built on ultra-durable and safe Li-Po battery cells, this box can be charged to 80% capacity within 3 hours with BLUETTI’s latest SP200 solar panel.

Key things to know about the BLUETTI EB70

  • This power bank is built with ultra-durable and safe LiFePO4 battery cells and can handle more than 2500 charge cycles. It offers 716Wh capacity, satisfying day-to-day needs.
  • With 4 continuous 700W(surge at 1400W) AC outlets, the EB70 can easily power most daily appliances on the road at ease.
  • Last but not least, the two 100-watt USB-C PD3.0 ports will run your advanced laptops and phones on and on, say bye to low battery anxiety!
  • The wireless charging pad set on the top has brought considerable convenience to charging modern wireless electronics.

Premium Battery Chemistry

In terms of safety, LiFePO4 batteries ensure EB70’s batteries are one of the safest in today’s world. They also have a long battery life of up to 2500 cycles.

Flexible Options of Recharge

BLUETTI EB70 supports three ways of recharging: 

It only takes about 2.9hrs from 0-80% @200W via wall outlet for EB70, vehicle recharge takes the same time.

Also, it’s a breeze to charge EB70 with solar power. With BLUETTI’s exclusive built-in MPPT controller, the EB70 can be fast-charged in only 4.5 hours at 200W solar power input (, you can harness the solar power wherever you want.

Unlike heavy, bulky gas-fired generators, Lithium-ion power stations like the BLUETTI EB70 is quiet, steady, and safe, and they are free of loud, toxic fumes. That means you can use it inside the van, fishing, road trip, camping, workshop, log cabin, picnic, yacht, family power backup for outages without limitation.

Price & Performance

Packed with 716wh capacity and a 700W pure sine inverter, BLUETTI is offering a $100 coupon for their EB70, and the price tag of $499 has made it extremely competitive among the competitors since Jackery is only offering 518wh/500W and Ecoflow’s offering 576Wh/600W for the exact same price. In terms of hardware specs, it’s safe to say that BLUETTI EB70 is undoubtedly the best choice for its price range. 

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