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BLUETTI’s new EP500/Pro could be the most powerful mobile power station on the planet

The EP500/Pro – has pulled over $1 million in the first hour on Kickstarter and is now rapidly approaching the $3M milestone in less than 3 weeks.


Over two weeks have passed since BLUETTI released their latest flagship series, the EP500/Pro on Kickstarter and raised over one million US dollars in an hour. But all that has been told about the EP500 is that and hardly any information about the mysterious “Pro” model. Until now.

Meet BLUETTI’s new EP500/Pro.

ModelEP500 Pro (US/JP)EP500
Battery Capacity & Chemistry5120Wh, LiFePO45120Wh, LiFePO4
Continuous/Peak Power3000W/6000W2000W/4800W
AC Outlets120V/20A outlets ×4, 120V/30A outlet ×1(NEMA L14-30)120V/20A outlets ×4
Solar Power Input2400W (1200W*2)1200W
30A ReceptacleNEMA L14-30 *1/
Smart phone remote controlYesYes
24/7 UPS & Home Integration SupportYesYes
Fusion Box Specs120V/20A outlets ×4120V/30A outlets×2(NEMA TT-30)120A/240V 30A outlet×1(NEMA L14-30)120V/20A outlets ×6,120V/240V 30A outlet ×1(NEMA L14-30)
12V/30A PortYesYes
USB-C Port100W *2, PD3.0100W *1, PD3.0

Bluetti EP500 Pro could be the most powerful portable power station ever made. It features a ground-breaking NEMA L14-30 30A receptacle that provides up to 3000 watts of continuous power at 120V, which covers almost all your needs during blackouts. In addition to its two 100W USB type-c ports, the EP500 has one PD3.0-compliant PD3.0 port. Now you can power your whole family’s mobiles, laptops without those bulky adapters.

Also new with the EP500 and EP500 Pro is the extensive set of accessories that go along with them. With some of the changes to the power station’s design both inside and out, the accessories are experiencing some great changes

New EP500/Pro Accessories

There are three new accessories hitting Kickstarter alongside the EP500/Pro.

BLUETTI Home Integration Kit (Sub panel)

Integrate One EP500 Pro into your home circuit or two. pdx1200x628

It has been about a year since BLUETTI launched its 2000 watt AC200, and since then, people have been asking for an integration kit for their flagship models (which makes sense since the EP500/Pro is positioned as a home power storage center). This would really be an asset during those rolling power outages keeping your lights on, your hot water running, your space heater warm and other important items running without any interruption.

Fusion Box Pro (For the EP500 Pro)


A fusion box for EP500 was shown earlier on the campaign page of BLUETTI which connects two of these units to double power, voltage and capacity via split phase. The Fusion Box Pro is equipped with a 30A receptacle like we’ve already seen on the Fusion Box, and two 30A outlets on the Pro. This is built specifically for the needs of RV enthusiasts and is made specifically for 30A RV receptacles.

PV Voltage Step-down modular


If you current have solar panels on your roof, don’t worry just yet, BLUETTI’s PV voltage can step down your system voltage and still make it usable. This will save you thousands of dollars in solar panels installation.

All of this amazing off-grid power gear is now on a hot sale at Click here to find out more to get yours right away:

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