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Bluetti’s new PV120/PV200 solar panels officially launch – here’s what’s new

Bluetti’s new PV panels are now available with their solar generator bundles

bluetti solar
Image: Bluetti

You can leave behind the daily stresses of work and life by venturing out into the wilderness or taking to the open road. Having a 5% charge on your phone, on the other hand, changes everything. When camping or when going off the grid, solar generators and portable solar panels will keep you powered up.

Additionally, they are great if you need to generate electricity only occasionally through solar energy. In addition, portable solar systems complement existing rooftop installations.

It’s been a while since Bluetti released a solar panel product; the first one, the SP120, was released in July 2020 along with the AC200. Later in January 2021, they announced the larger 200-watt SP200 along with their first household power center EP500/Pro. The SP120 and 200 are well-loved solar generators all over the world, but the SP200’s have always been my personal favorite.

This fall, Bluetti has updated their solar panel product line with two new products – the PV120 and PV200 as well as the brand’s new expandable power stations AC300 and AC200MAX. Let’s take a closer look at them today and see what’s different from the previous SP solar panels.

bluetti pv200 vs. sp200
Image: Bluetti
Cell TypeMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Cell Connection TypeParallelSeriesParallelSeries
Dimension(Folded)23.2*24.8 inch20.5*20.7 inch21*18.5 inch16.3*16.1 inch
Dimension (Unfolded)23.2*89.2 inch20.5*86.6 inch21*65 inch16.3*66.1 inch
Weight16.1 lbs14.3 lbs12.6 lbs9.5 lbs
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)26.1V24V24.4V23.7V
Cell EfficiencyUp to 23.4%23%Up to 23.4%23%
Warranty2-year worry-free warranty2-year worry-free warranty2-year worry-free warranty2-year worry-free warranty

Overall Design

The PV series features an integrated handle made from blue ABS material with a smaller logo, making it a more stylish choice, while the SP series has black rubber handles with a much more eye-catching “BLUETTI” logo on each panel.

A one-piece waterproof coating encapsulates all of the solar cells on the PV series, while the panels on the SP series are stitched together on one large raw canvas.

The PV series removed the metal rings (used for hanging up the solar panel with rope or hooks) that can be found on the SP series.

bluetti pv200 logo

The PV series removed the metal rings (used for hanging up the solar panel with rope or hooks) that can be found on the SP series.

The kickstand of the PV series features a new snap fastener design, which allows the solar panel more angle adjusting options.

Image: Bluetti

Before we explore the efficiency of solar panels, let’s examine some basic concepts regarding the monocrystalline solar battery cell. These batteries are constructed from single large crystals of silicon. Monocrystalline solar cells are arguably the most efficient because they can produce a high amount of power even in the absence of sunlight. 

In terms of efficiency, monocrystalline solar panels are the best. While they’re the most expensive of the three types (Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Amorphous), they’re usually the most durable and least sensitive to high temperatures.

Both Bluetti’s PV and SP solar panels are monocrystalline, which ensures a similar overall efficiency of 23%~24%. They are all top-notch portable panels for this industry.

Shading Performance

Shade is your enemy when it comes to solar power. Partial shading of the system also matters as all panels in a section need to run at the same voltage; if one panel is shaded even partially, this will bring down the production of the whole system. We’ve also encountered this issue with Bluetti’s SP200 panels, 10% of area shading may cause a shockingly 40% or more power loss to the whole solar array, The same thing can happen with panels from other brands.

And here’s where the most important upgrade happens with Bluetti’s new panels: They changed the connection type of solar battery cells from series connection to parallel! This means each circuit on the panel can run as an individual and at the same voltage, you will only lose the power of the area with shadows but the impact to your whole system would be nominal.

When solar panels are exposed to shady conditions, their efficiency drops, and their performance suffers as a result. Environmental obstructions such as trees or nearby buildings, clouds, self-shading between panels in parallel rows, dirt, dust, and various other trash such as bird droppings, all-cause shading. But now, you can get rid of all these troubles with BLUETTI’s PV200 or PV120.

Where To Buy

Bluetti’s new PV panels are now available with their solar generator bundles. With a bundle of an AC200P and three PV200s, you can get the 200W panels for as low as $425 each.

On Sunday, September 30th at 7:00 PM PDT, the sale will end! There is only one more week left! Grab your discount while it lasts:

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