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BLUETTI’s popular EB70 portable power station just got its first big discount of the year

Limited time only.

Bluetti charging station

From natural disasters like wildfires or the winter storm paralyzing Texas, to outdoor activities like camping, there aren’t always power outlets available to you when you need them. That’s why a portable power station is essential.

BLUETTI, the lithium power storage company that started the crowdfunding campaign for the flagship model EP500/Pro, has now released a smaller electric vehicle charging station – The 716Wh 700watt EB70. And a 200W foldable solar panel called SP200. This combination will give you an eco-friendly solar generator that can provide power for everything from smartphones, laptops to appliances.

The EB70 has a fire-proof material case available in three colors: Mint Green, Steel Gray, and Camine. It has 4 AC outlets that deliver up to 700W continuous pure sine wave power. It’s just like real power from your home outlets.

Bluetti chart

With a large 716Wh lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, the BLUETTI EB70 can last over 2500+ charge cycles before its capacity falls below 80%. On top of that, there are a decent array of AC/DC outlets on the front panel of EB70, makes it possible to run almost all your 5V/12V loads and basic AC appliances for the road.

When your laptop is dying and there are no outlets within reach, BLUETTI EB70 can really help you out. There are tons of USB power banks out there for laptops, but BLUETTI is one step further.

There are two independent 100W USB-C outlets for charging different laptops simultaneously. And to top it all off, each USB-C port can charge two laptops at the full speed simultaneously – you can get rid of those bulky laptop adapters and charge up your productivity tools quickly.


The EB70 is considered as an all-around upgrade successor of BLUETTI’s classic AC50S(300watt/500wh, Now at $399 on Amazon). For EB70’s debut on their new website, BLUETTI is offering a $100 coupon, bringing the price of the EB70 for $499.

Since Jackery is only offering 518wh/500W and Ecoflow’s offering 576Wh/600W for the exact same price. Among these top brands, it’s safe to say that BLUETTI EB70 is undoubtedly the best choice for its price range.

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