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BLUETTI’s Spring sale is now live – here’s what’s up for grabs

BLUETTI’s Spring Sale 2022 starts at 6:00 PM PST on Feb 22 and will end on March 14. The clock is ticking, don’t miss out.

bluetti spring sale flyer promo
Image: Bluetti

Historically, springtime has always been considered the best time to reconnect with nature. And portable power stations provide a reliable source of power when traveling during this time of year.

BLUETTI, a global leader in user-side energy storage, has launched its March Madness spring sale. Here’s everything that’s up for grabs. 

AC200P-Versatile Power Monster

bluetti power station charging a ford truck
Image: Bluetti

With a 2000Wh battery inside, the BLUETTI AC200P can power up to 17 devices simultaneously and support up to 700W of solar power. It can be fully charged in four hours and supports up to 3500 charge cycles.

BLUETTI is now offering the AC200P at its lowest price ever, you can get it now for $1499, down from its usual price of $1699.

AC300 & B300: Game-changing Power Combo

bluetti portable charging stations pictured in yard in front of a work station
Image: Bluetti

The AC300 comes without an internal battery and is 100% modular. With a 3000W inverter and the ability to charge solar with unrivaled MPPT, this device is capable of running full-time on solar power. With four B300 batteries (3,072Wh each), the capacity can be increased to 12,288Wh.

In addition, Bluetti offers a Fusion Box Pro for a total capacity of 24,576Wh and a power output of 6,000W, which is more than enough to power almost any need, from large households to off-grid activities.

AC200MAX- Best Mid-weight Power System

guy grilling using a bluetti ac200max power portable station
Image: Bluetti

The AC200MAX is BLUETTI’s first modular solar power station. Although the AC200MAX looks similar to AC200P, it is significantly more powerful. The battery pack includes a 2048Wh ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery that can hold up to 3,500 cycles and a 2200-watt pure sine wave inverter, but it also offers fast solar and AC charging.

Additionally, it has a maximum solar input of 900W and an AC input of 500W. The AC200MAX can be charged up in less than two hours when charged simultaneously with solar panels and AC wall outlets. With the BLUETTI App, you can control and monitor everything going on in the AC200MAX.

EB55 & EB70: Small Yet Packs a Punch

woman sitting in van working on a laptop powered by the Bluetti eb55 power station
Image: Bluetti

These two power stations come with a compact body that contains the same 700W inverter. The EB55 comes with 537Wh of storage while the EB70 has 716Wh. The AC and solar inputs on both devices are 200W, while the wireless charger is 15W. They can also simultaneously charge up to 10+ devices at once.

Other Recommended BLUETTI Bundles:

Product ModelOriginal Price Spring Sale OfferDiscount
EB150$1,099$899          $200                                                                             

Again, all of Bluetti’s Spring sale deals can be found at

Just keep in mind, BLUETTI’s Spring Sale 2022 starts at 6:00 PM PST on Feb 22 and will end on March 14. The clock is ticking, don’t miss out.

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