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Board portal software: A modern solution for secure communication

Board portal software gives your top people the modern connectivity they expect and require, and the security that your entire organization depends on.

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Every organization is expected to use the latest communication tools, all while keeping confidential information absolutely private. It’s a fine balance, especially amid a surge of stories in the news about hacks and cybersecurity breaches.

Doing business requires total security of confidential information, yet business leaders need to be constantly connected to each other. Thankfully, technology like board portal software is specifically designed to offer the best tools to keep your top people connected within a completely secure platform.

Read on to learn about all the ways board portal software can drive real results at your organization. 

Collaborate with the Team, From Anywhere

Your board of directors are busy people. They may live in different cities, and belong to more than one board. They need technology that lets them work together easily and efficiently.

Board portal technology is cloud-based software that keeps all your communications centralized. It allows all directors to communicate in one single place, using whatever device they want, so that they never have to alternate between text messages and emails. This saves them time and lets them communicate in whatever way is most comfortable for them.

The best board portal software makes it easy to share and annotate board documents with other directors, no matter how physically far apart they may be. There’s also a built-in poll feature, which lets directors settle matters requiring a vote. 

If one director changes a document, the update will be reflected on every other director’s version. They’re also made aware that there’s been a change via email notification, so less time gets wasted catching everybody up. This communication technology has been specifically designed to not only let your board of directors work together effectively but also to save them time.

Total Security

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and industry leaders always use servers which adhere to independent third-party security certification requirements. It’s easy to verify that everybody who accessed the software actually had permission to do so because each individual login is authenticated. 

Within the organization, role-based permissions make it easy to control who has access to what documents. This makes it easy to keep sensitive information on a need-to-know basis.

If a device issued by your organization to a director should go missing, you can wipe all the board data remotely. If this director with the missing device needs access to board documents, they can simply log in from any other tablet, desktop, or laptop. They’ll always have full access to all the information they need, even if something goes wrong.

Ease of Use

You’re not likely to use technology if it’s too complicated to use. Board portal software is designed to be easy and intuitive to use on any device — tablet, desktop, or laptop. On mobile devices, the software features drag-and-drop and finger-swiping technology that will already be familiar to most users.

Board portal software gives your top people the modern connectivity they expect and require, and the security that your entire organization depends on. It’s being increasingly adopted by health organizations, non-profits, and Crown agencies, but it’s perfect for any organization looking to promote transparency and good governance. 

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