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BRD teamed up with Unstoppable Domains to make sending cryptocurrency a breeze

This will make sending and receiving crypto as easy as email.

brd crypto wallet and app
Image: BRD

Cryptocurrency continues to evolve, as more companies get behind the idea of crypto as a legitimate form of money. Now, two of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency game have teamed up to make sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as email.

BRD is one of the larger crypto wallets with more than 8 million users worldwide. The mobile crypto wallet has integrated with Unstoppable Domains to help simplify the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

In a press release earlier this week, BRD Co-founder and CEO Adam Traidman explained that the concept of cryptocurrency addresses is one of the biggest barriers for crypto newcomers.

Each crypto asset has a different address and address style attached to it, making it tough to understand the ins and outs of every single one. Research from Cane Island shows that about 4% of all cryptocurrency is lost each year because of these complexities.

“Unstoppable Domains relieves this pain point by enabling all BRD customers to tie most of their cryptocurrency addresses to one universal address. This makes sending and receiving crypto as easy as using Venmo or PayPal,” says Traidman.

Unstoppable Domains allows users to set up one simple address, like “yourname.crypto,” that will let you manage all of your crypto assets in one place. Users can attach their one, simple crypto address to more than 70 crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more, which will allow them to send and receive cryptocurrency without the hassle of multiple, complicated addresses.

At the end of the day, cryptocurrency is still a very new, very complex technology. With this new partnership and integration, BRD is looking to separate itself from the competition by creating a more user-friendly process for exchanging crypto.

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