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Brutally difficult video games that challenge you from start to finish

These are some of the hardest games in the industry, and there is definitely a learning curve to them, so proceed with caution.

elden ring body 1
Image: FromSoftware

Video games are meant to act as a relaxing escape from reality, something that allows you to dive into new worlds filled with intriguing characters and storylines.

However, some games are meant to kick your ass. Their sole purpose is the push your capabilities as a gamer to their limits.

These kinds of games are frustrating, difficult, and, surprisingly, rewarding. Can you really consider yourself a gamer if you haven’t beaten at least one of these games? If not, it’s time to challenge yourself and start the download. 

Darkest Dungeon

A gothic, turn-based, rogue-like, dungeon crawler RPG? That sounds incredible. And it is! It’s also insanely difficult to complete.

Darkest Dungeon lets you build a team of heroes to go exploring dungeons, dealing with death, madness, disease, and just about every terrible thing you can think of.

The interesting part about this game is how your characters develop. They can grow new traits based on gameplay, develop relationships with your other heroes, and succumb to lasting illnesses through your journeys.

In case the game wasn’t hard enough when a hero dies, they’re done. No checkpoints. No revives. They’re dead. 

It creates a sense of dread and stresses each time you send a group off on an adventure, and that’s what makes it great.

The Souls Franchise

dark souls remastered switch
Image: Walmart

If you want a challenge, look no further than the Souls franchise. Known for their extremely brutal difficulty, nearly every game developed by Fromsoftware delivers terrifying encounters with challenging enemies.

These games include Dark Souls 1-3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Demon’s Souls, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne. We couldn’t pick just one, but it hardly matters, as you’ll have difficulty beating just one of these titles, let alone all of them. 

However, it can be done, so if you have the will, patience, and determination to face hundreds of hours of death screens, be our guests.

Pray for mercy, because you’ll need all the help you can get as you make your way from boss to boss and lose your XP over and over. I

f you have a friend crazy enough to go through it with you, the process goes a lot smoother. Oh, and try not to let speedrunners discourage you.


cuphead ghosts

This title is about as far from the Souls games as you can get: bright, colorful, upbeat cartoon characters surrounded by happy tunes. The only thing it shares with the Souls franchise is its extreme difficulty and interesting boss encounters.

This classic-feeling platformer can be played co-op, but that doesn’t make it much easier. You die very easily and each boss fight is creatively innovative in terms of finding ways to make that happen.

That being said, this 1930s-styled gameplay is insanely fun, and finally beating a boss is incredibly satisfying. The game used to be an Xbox exclusive, but now it is available on all consoles.

Don’t Rage Quit Just Yet!

These are some of the hardest games in the industry, and there is definitely a learning curve to them, so before you throw your controller in rage or kick the wall in frustration, leading to a jacked-up toe that worsens and causes you to get minimally invasive hammertoe surgery, take a breather.

Relax. It’s just a game. Gently set your controller down and come back to it later. Watch a nature documentary or something peaceful in the meantime.

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