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Bunk is a smartphone battery pack that charges your phone wirelessly

Smartphone batteries kind of suck, but this helps.

bunk wireless charger breakdown on red background
Image: Bunk

For as great as they are, today’s smartphones still lack in one specific and quite important aspect: battery life. In spite of all the research being currently made in the subject, the fact that batteries are not keeping up with other hardware on smartphones is undeniable.

Battery packs, which usually come in the format of a smartphone case, do help to solve this problem by providing some extra juice, but they usually are a bit bulky, especially because of that plug that constantly needs to be attached to the smartphone’s main port.

Luckily, that is not the case with Bunk, the world’s very first wireless battery pack. By magnetically snapping to the back of the smartphone, it really could not be any simpler to use: just place the magnetic strip between the smartphone and its cover, and snap bunk to the back of the device. Just like that, the charging process begins.

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While Bunk, like other similar packs, adds thickness to the phone (12mm), it integrates very well with devices, almost seeming like a natural appendix, because of its very fresh and clean design. But the merits of this device go well beyond the visual appeal, as technology is also interesting here.

bunk charger surrounded by other bunk chargers

Image: Bunk

Bunk will work with any phone that has wireless charging

Bunk works with all smartphones with wireless charging capabilities, with a capacity of 1800 mAHh, it can charge the phone directly while the pack itself is being charged, meaning that users can charge both Bunk and the smartphone with a single USB-C cable.

With a triple coil system that allows for the choosing of the optimal QI transmitter, in order to maximize efficiency regardless of the phone, Bunk provides around 80% extra charge to a smartphone, which is quite a lot.

For all smartphone users facing power-related problems and wanting to get rid of cables, Bunk really is a good bet. The first 500 orders get a $40 discount, lowering Bunk’s price tag to $39. It is expected to ship in Q1 2019.

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