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Call analytics: How does it boost web analytics and marketing analytics results?

If calls are an important channel for your business to stay connected with your customers, call analytics ensure that you make the most out of it. 

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Online businesses absolutely recognize the importance of monitoring user behavior. They invest in web analytics to track website performances and user interactions with websites. Next, they run market analytics to evaluate the performance of their marketing campaigns on search engines, social media platforms, and so on. Sadly, they often overlook the importance of call analytics.

Analyzing calls (both inbound and outbound) can retrieve valuable insights that can significantly add to the overall exercise of carrying out analytics. The calls that are tracked, recorded, monitored and utilized for reporting and decision making can help a business conclude:

  • How satisfied their callers are
  • How efficient their employees are in dealing with customers
  • How well their ads (both online and offline) perform
  • And much more

Let’s find out how this is possible!

Single Out Those Valuable Sources

Businesses advertise or post their contact numbers on different platforms, including emails, banners, newspapers, search engine ads, and so on. It involves a lot of time and effort and thus, it is important to identify the sources that drive the highest number of calls. Call conversation tracking can make it easy to accomplish. After it is done, you can conveniently decide which sources you need to boost your marketing efforts.

Recognize the Peak Business Timings

When does your business receive the maximum number of calls? Which hours of the day? Which days of the week? Which months of the year? Which holiday seasons? And, so on! With a call analytics software tool recording every detail in this regard, you can scale the availability of customer support representatives accordingly. It may help you manage your costs better and offer improved access to customers.

Review Employee Training Needs

Most businesses train their customer support teams to deal with various situations and queries. But, that might not prove to be enough! There can be incidents when an employee fails to satisfactorily handle an important customer. You definitely need to keep a tap on such instances and call analytics can make it extremely convenient. Recording and analyzing customer-employee conversations may let you need to improve the training programs.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Imagine that your marketing analytics result shows a customer-driven to your website from a channel. Going further, your web analytics tools show the customer spending a lot of time on your site. However, you failed to listen to him or her contrary to what you anticipated. It might be a case that the customer called, but your employee missed the call. Or, the call dropped even before the conversation began. By analyzing such missed opportunities, you can reach potential buyers.

Exploit the Caller Demographics

Your business callers may belong to different age groups, genders, regions, and cultures. Based on these demographics, you would indeed want every customer’s call re-routed to the most appropriate call center and the best-suited attendee. With a call tracking tool, you would be delighted to create the right match every single time. 

There’s even more to the importance of setting up call analytics. If calls are an important channel for your business to stay connected with your customers, call analytics ensure that you make the most out of it. 

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