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Can Bitcoin be more climate-friendly?

With a few corrections, like setting up mining rigs in places with renewable energy sources, Bitcoin can be environmentally friendly. 

Bitcoin in dirt
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Bitcoin is a currency that Satoshi Nakamoto created as a response to the 2008-2009 financial crises and one that would solve the inconveniences of dealing with traditional currencies.

However, many critics argue that this digital asset is energy hungry, especially during mining. If you are interested in Digital Yuan trading then check reliable online trading websites (Yuan-Pay Group).

Mining is, however, a process that involves solving complex mathematical equations, and eventually, miners get rewarded with new Bitcoins.

Initially, when Satoshi created this virtual money, one could mine it using a simple computer. But as more and more people are mining this virtual asset, the process now requires costly hardware and consumes a lot of energy.

Moreover, some believe this digital money uses more power than the annual energy consumption rate in countries like Finland. 

However, this digital currency is not very friendly to the climate.

That’s because Bitcoin mining requires a lot of energy. Also, much of the power that mining rigs use comes from nonrenewable sources, affecting the environment.

However, to ensure that this virtual asset is more climate-friendly, companies are situating Bitcoin mining centers in places where people produce electricity from renewable energy sources.

In some areas, firms overproduce electricity during times of low demand and spend the excess power on crypto mining. In the long run, the mining process gets less costly and results in zero-carbon power.

Is Bitcoin climate-friendly?

bitcoins with a plant growing
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Currently, Bitcoin is not climate-friendly due to its intense energy requirements. The Bitcoin verification process is too expensive since it requires powerful computers that consume a lot of energy.

Nevertheless, miners can turn to eco-friendly and renewable energy sources to make Bitcoin climate-friendly.

Is Bitcoin raising its carbon footprint?

It is safe for digital money miners to look for the cheapest source of energy and also one that is renewable. For instance, China decided to close down a lot of intensive Bitcoin mining farms.

As a result, miners from such places relocated to areas with sufficient renewable energy. Additionally, some miners in other countries are setting up mining rigs in places with renewable and cheap energy sources. 

Nevertheless, Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the proof of work system that causes environmental problems ensures that the network is safe and secure. 

The main challenge is that this virtual currency consumes almost half of the energy the gold and banking sectors consume individually.

Also, this digital mining generates a lot of electronic waste as the mining hardware becomes discarded. Mining this digital money generates around 38 thousand tons of electronic waste annually.

Those application-specific integrated circuit miners attest that mining hardware becomes useless fast.

Why Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive

Bitcoin in mining
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Bitcoin mining entails verifying transactions without the use and interference of intermediaries such as banks.

Instead, this digital money has an underlying technology known as the blockchain that helps validate transactions.

As a result, the network depends on the computational power of many mining machines, which is why the mining process requires a lot of energy.

In addition, blockchain technology uses the proof of work consensus to validate transactions.

The bottom line

Generally, Bitcoin is not climate friendly despite offering its users many benefits, such as hedging against inflation and cheap and instant transactions.

However, with a few corrections, like setting up mining rigs in places with renewable energy sources, Bitcoin can be environmentally friendly. 

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