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Can iPhone X games compete with console-based VR games?

Iphone x
Image: CNET

The new iPhone X is eagerly anticipated by millions. Some are very excited about the camera function, some looking forward to the faster technology, and still, others are stoked about the games that will be available to play on the new iPhone. But how will iPhone X games stack up against traditional video games? Is it worth the investment if you’re a gamer? Let’s compare iPhone X games vs VR Games.

Let’s look at the technology of the new iPhone X. The screen is large – 5.8 inches, with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode – flat light technology) screen that has color accuracy. This screen supports a wide extensive of colors, for nuanced hues, and SRGB (Standard Red Green Blue) dynamic range. The phone also has the True Tone technology from the iPad Pro, which adapts the display’s white balance to the surrounding ambient light. This means that the resolution and display of games will be incredibly crisp, clear, and believable. For gamers who love feeling immersed in the virtual worlds of their games, these features will deliver an incredible in-world experience.

In addition to the incredible visual display for the new iPhone X, the hardware is also much better than the current iPhone 7. It has a hexacore processor, called the Apple A11 Bionic SoC (System on a Chip), which uses the 10nm process. The iPhone X also contains the Neural Engine that accelerates the AI. This is not your standard smartphone! In addition to this, there are two cores with optimal performance and are 25% faster than the A10 Fusion currently in use. Finally, there are four energy optimised cores that run 70% faster than the iPhone 7.

This incredibly advanced hardware technology gives the gaming display for the iPhone X games a much better resolution than any phone before and anything currently on the market. Since the hardware is optimized for games, let’s look at the software. The Apple iPhone X will have an upgraded, revised version of the iOS 11.1 in order to make the most of the different screen layout.
So as far as iPhone X vs VR Games, which one is better? Will the iPhone X be able to keep up with traditional gaming? Let’s explore what they have to offer.

The iPhone uses its advanced visuals and technology for games such as Warhammer, giant tech warriors battling on a basketball court, with dramatic visuals and excellent 3D appearance. The iPhone X’s AR capabilities allow you to place names and faces and game stats over the live game. Directive Games is planning a version of their hit strategy game, The Machines, which on typical gaming platforms is powered by Epic Unreal Engine. This release looks like it will be a front-runner for the flagship game from this developer. And all this on a phone!

It’s Apple’s new Augmented Reality (AR) technology that really has gamers excited. The ARKit is going to be combined directly with the iPhone and iOS. So instead of having a separate add-on, or needing a console, this will be directly available on your phone. There are some amazing tools is the hands of Apple developers, and these developers have been creating a new virtual world for the iPhones. The technology almost seems to open portals to virtual worlds or add science fiction-esque graphics into the video. With the release of ARKit technology into the popular iPhone, AR technology will be available to the masses, and other developers like Google are trying to keep up.

The games available with Apple’s AR will allow users to integrate their real-world surroundings with the games on their phone. The distinction between this and true virtual reality is the level of immersion, and with AR, gamers might actually prefer to have the game world interact with the real world, instead of just choosing one. While the AR technology may be more useful for apps, the real fun truly is in the games. You’ll see many people that ordinarily be gamers start playing, just because the user experience is unlike regular gaming, and distinct from VR gaming, as well. Gone are the clunky headsets – with AR technology, the game becomes one with your world.

Pokemon Go is probably the best example of AR gaming on smartphones, but what else can new owners of the Apple iPhone X except for games? There’s an awesome virtual tattoo app called Inkhunter that allows you to”try on” tattoos before actually getting inked. There’s a very useful IKEA catalog that allows you to visualize how the easy to assemble pieces will look in your new place. Just pop in a chair or a table, and then head off to the store. For gaming, Ingress (similar in nature to Pokemon Go) allows you to gather into factions for the game. It’s a little more advanced than Pokemon Go, but the diehard fanbase will really appreciate the upgraded look on the iPhone X. Finally, the NIght Sky app allows you to find constellations and the names anywhere in the stars. This is an amazing tool that really integrates the uses of augmented reality with nature.

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