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Can the electric scooter become the transport of the future and change the urban environment?

This means of transportation can indeed make our lives easier, but not as globally as we would like.

man riding on an electric scooter

The easiest way to describe these devices is as scooters that ride themselves thanks to an electric motor and a battery.

Modern electric scooters can reach speeds of up to about 20 miles per hour, and one battery charge lasts on average 20-30 miles. It is easy to operate them: if you turn one of the handles, the scooter accelerates, if you press the brake lever, the device slows down.

Scooters that ride on their own were first created in the United States back in 1915. However, they ran on gasoline. The first electric scooters started appearing in the early 2000s, manufactured by Razor.

Since the mid-2010s, this mode of transportation began to gain popularity thanks to comfortable, fast, and lightweight scooter models from manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Segway. At the end of 2017, the first electric scooter rental services opened in the United States. Electric scooters began to be talked about as the transport of the future and saw great prospects in it.

What’s good about electric scooters?

vene city s1 escooter
Image: KnowTechie

First of all, they are not cars. Cars pollute the environment, destroy urban space, create traffic jams, and in general have long been outdated as a mode of transport.

Electric scooters allow you to move around the city 5-6 times faster than walking. At the same time, they emit no harmful substances, take up very little space, even when parked, and require almost no money for maintenance.

The widespread use of electric scooters has benefited city dwellers. For many people, they are replacing cars, reducing exhaust emissions, and freeing up space that used to be occupied by parked cars. Scooter users get to work faster, so they have more free time.

Electric scooters are safer and more comfortable than many other means of transportation, including longboards, hoverboards, and segways. And anyone can use a scooter: you only need to stand on it and hold on to the handlebars.

Plus, even if such transport suddenly fails the engine or the battery runs out, it does not turn into a meaningless pile of iron. You can ride it by pushing off with your foot – you’ll get some exercise, too.

What’s wrong with this mode of transportation

segway crowdfunding scooter
Image: Segway

One of the main disadvantages of the electric scooter is that it is almost impossible to use in non-ideal weather conditions. Snow, cold, forced to wear a lot of clothes, and even just heavy rain make this transport useless.

Another drawback is the human element. In 2018, thanks to electric scooter rental services, a “scooter epidemic” swept many U.S. cities. Thousands of devices appeared on the streets of Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Los Angeles almost out of nowhere.

The cities and their residents were not prepared for it. Due to inexperience and the lack of bicycle lanes in many places, scooter users often had accidents involving cars or ran over pedestrians themselves. People parked their gadgets in the middle of the street, and many devices were stolen or broken.

A year later, the situation has improved thanks to the intervention of city administrations. But the fact remains that scooters are driven by people who sometimes behave unsafely, either intentionally or accidentally. The devices themselves are not dangerous, except that they occasionally break while riding, but that’s rare.

In San Francisco, out of several tens of thousands of rides a month, no more than 50 end in disaster because a scooter breaks down.

Where to get an electric scooter

The easiest way to get an electric scooter for use is through rental services. Abroad these are companies like Lim, Bird, and others. However, judging by the reviews, users are not thrilled with the rental services.

The main problem is the insufficient number of scooters. Many also have difficulties with registration and payment, often the apps mistakenly withdraw money for rides, and the scooters and stations refuse to work.

If you want to buy a scooter, and not have problems with rentals, and use it regularly, then you should check

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