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Can Zadarma help you achieve a better work-life balance?

Do you run your own business on the go through a personal device?  It may be time to start unblurring the lines between business and leisure.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to separate your working life from your private life.  That is especially true when it comes to phone calls and texts. If you only have one phone number for your business and personal communications, it’s extremely difficult to stop the two from blending in together.

But how do you manage this for the better?  Do you go out and buy a completely new phone?  Do you ask business contacts to stop calling altogether?  Neither of these options is worthwhile in the long run. That’s why Zadarma, a new business telecoms app, could well change the game for a lot of working people in the modern age.

Creating a Filter

Zadarma has an app which is available for iOS and Android.  It’s easy to set up, and simple to tweak (iOS users can find out more at, for example).  But how exactly does it work?

The app uses cloud technology to ensure that you stay connected to business contacts.  You can also use the app’s smart push notifications to avoid draining your smartphone’s battery.  That means you can receive calls without having to keep the app open.

Zadarma lets you maintain several phone numbers for contact.  This means that you can still receive personal calls through your main phone app and handle business requests through Zadarma itself.  Crucially, it means that users can log into the app whenever they are ready to go to work.

Users are also able to set up working hours through the Zadarma PBX, based via the web.  This allows app users to curtail when they can and can’t receive business calls.

Reliability on the Go

The world is moving more and more towards mobile or remote working.  That means, beyond hot desking, we are working out in the field. For this reason, the team behind Zadarma has built a VoIP system that keeps you connected no matter where you are.

Instead of relying on notoriously inefficient and traditional telephony, Zadarma enables you to connect with business contacts through data calling.  This means that there is little to no chance of signals dropping out regularly, and it also means that you can be true to your word when it comes to arranging calls with clients.

Crucially, in a fast-paced world, Zadarma presents an efficient and reliable working platform.  It’s one you can use out in the field with next to no complaints.

Keeping the Balance

Keeping the personal and professional contact balance is key.  Many people struggle to find the work-life balance in everything they do.  However, with Zadarma, you can always check which line is receiving calls, so you know whether to anticipate a professional conversation or a personal one.

For many people running businesses through their personal phones, using something akin to Zadarma might make a lot of sense.  Purchasing a new handset outright, and a new telecom contract is an additional expense that can be avoided. Therefore, whether you use iOS or Android, the app could be your new best friend as far as this work-life balance is concerned.

Do you run your own business on the go through a personal device?  It may be time to start unblurring the lines between business and leisure.

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