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If you drive a car, you absolutely need this portable jump starter

With this portable jump starter, you’ll never have to worry about lugging a pair of old dirty jumper cables around.

anker powercore car jump starter

If you’re tired of asking someone for jumper cables everytime your car’s battery dies, Anker’s take on the jump starter battery is down to $60. At 9,000 mAh, it’s smaller than most of the competition, but can still provide up to 15 jumps on a full charge, assuming your engine is 2.8L or smaller.

Nobody thinks they need one of these until their car is dead in their driveway and they’re late to an appointment, so it’s not a bad idea to keep it in your glove compartment.

Bonus: If you need an extra set of eyes in your car, Anker’s upgraded C1 Pro dash cam is also available for just $75.

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