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Casino Professor; the doctor for all your online casino needs

casino professor

There are plenty of casino comparison sites to be found, so many, it can be difficult to see the wood from the trees. If you are player, who likes to play on the go and you are keen on a comparison site, that is not only clear, but mobile friendly too, be sure to check out the new kid on the block; Casino Professor.

Casino Professor; playfulness meets analytic approach

As an independent online casino comparison site, Casino Professor combines clarity and playfulness with a strict methodology. The site is catered to players with high demands; people who like to play on the go, wherever and whenever and want their online casino(s)- and any winnings they might make- to follow them wherever they go. This means that both Casino Professor and the online casinos the comparison site features, need to be optimised for mobile use. The idea behind Casino Professor is that of an older gentleman, who had a successful academic career and always liked to tempt Lady luck, by wagering on casino games to bring some lightness to his research and teaching work. Now the Professor is retired, he is keen to apply his analytical mind to his favourite hobby; playing online casino games.

Casino Professor for mobile- smart players

As more and more players prefer to play from their mobile device, online casinos need to make their games mobile friendly and comparison sites need to be easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. Unlike other comparison sites, Casino Professor has been set up with the mobile user in mind. This means the site is a breeze to navigate from you tablet or smartphone. Assuming you have a good connection, pages load in an instant and it has never been so easy to find the best casino bonuses.

When you hit the comparison site’s home page, you are immediately treated to the tastiest casino bonuses and the latest casino news . Casino Professor is extremely easy to navigate and you can choose from the pages ‘bonuses’, ‘casinos’ and ‘articles’. On the bonus page you find a clear and comprehensive overview of both deposit as well as free spin casino bonuses. The site gives you the option to filter bonuses by percentage of first deposit, bonus amount, free spins and wagering requirements. If you prefer browsing through the different online casinos the Prof has on offer, then you can do so on the casinos page. Besides getting on overview of all casinos featured on the site, you can choose to filter by the three different categories ‘popular’, ‘new’ and ‘trusted’ online casinos. Under articles you find the latest casino news and useful tips. Although Casino Professor prefers the analytical approach, he is not shy to share his opinion on bonuses and casinos and with simple icons, you can easily tell when the Prof loves a bonus or casino, whether it makes him cry, or he is rather neutral on the matter.

Why you can trust the Prof

Casino Prof’s main aim in life is to provide casino aficionados like him, with the very best casino experience by making you aware of the best casino bonuses, new online casinos and the latest news. The Prof has an analytical approach, yet he is not afraid to share his opinion to share his love for online casino games. Besides being trustworthy, the site has a clear and pleasant design, it is extremely easy to navigate and has been set up with the mobile user in mind. Let Casino Professor do the work for you and grab the best bonuses and tips for your online game from your mobile device, whenever and wherever you are. And, of course, all the Prof’s casino goodness is available from your PC as well.

Currently, besides English, Casino Professor is also available to Finnish players in their native tongue.


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