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  • Uber driver cop Uber driver cop

    NYC cop verbally abuses Uber driver

    If you need another reason to hate cops, this video of a NYC cop verbally abusing an Uber driver might be...

  • Amazon home services Amazon home services

    Amazon Home Services provides you with any service you can think of

    Looks like Amazon is looking to cut out Angieslist with the launch of their new Amazon Home Services.

  • Leadgenius Leadgenius

    See why businesses are outsourcing their lead generation to LeadGenius

    LeadGenius is using technology to simplify costly businesses processes while providing jobs to hard-working individuals deserving of opportunities.

  • Roland ts 808 online version Roland ts 808 online version

    Start dropping the beats with this online version of the Roland-TR-808

    This online version of the Roland-TR-808 will keep you busy for hours!

  • Gifrun Gifrun

    How to easily create a GIF from YouTube with GifRun

    Always wondered how to create a GIF from YouTube? GifRun is one of the easiest services out there that transforms videos...

  • Google vs microsoft Google vs microsoft

    The chat battle between Facebook, Google, and Microsoft escalates

    Read about the latest battle developing between Microsoft, Facebook and and Google, the search engine heavyweights.

  • Screen shot 2015 01 31 at 1. 46. 52 pm Screen shot 2015 01 31 at 1. 46. 52 pm

    “Mom and Dad, Meet Brian, My Invisible Boyfriend.”

    Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship, even if you’re not.

  • Bloggingfreepaid Bloggingfreepaid

    Not Just Money: Thoughts on Free vs Paid Blogs

    Nowadays, blogs are very important tools, not only for business wanting to spread the word on their products and getting new...

  • Pirate bay Pirate bay

    Thank t’ heavens, Pirate Bay be back online!

    After a two month hiatus, The Pirate Bay is back online. Does it still have a future?

  • Glitter Glitter

    Exclusive: I spoke with the guy who bought Ship Your Enemies Glitter

    News recently broke that the guy who launched Ship Your Enemies Glitter did it all as an elaborate hoax. I spoke...

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