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  • Img 0843 Img 0843

    You can finally order the Google Pixel XL again

    If you've been itching for a Google Pixel XL, it's finally back in stock......for now.

  • Donald trump Donald trump

    Make Donald Trump say whatever you want with this hilarious app

    If you're looking to create some dank Donald Trump memes, DJ Trump is the app you've been waiting for.

  • Jet black totallee case Jet black totallee case

    This insanely thin case transforms your iPhone into Jet Black for just $20

    If you're not lucky enough to score a Jet Black iPhone, this $20 case may be your best solution.

  • Iphone Iphone

    Mobile devices and smartphones: when to turn them off

    Think of this is as your bible to smartphone etiquette.

  • At&t At&t

    AT&T will roll out 5G mobile data to these two cities later this year

    Two lucky cities will the be testing grounds for 5G mobile data.

  • Alarmy Alarmy

    Having a hard time waking up? Get the world’s most annoying alarm clock

    Alarmy makes sure you'll never oversleep again with its innovate method of forcing you out of bed.

  • Prisma Prisma

    Art filter app Prisma launches its own social network and full-resolution pictures

    Prisma to release their own social network, will offer some innovative twists to the traditional social media experience.

  • Super mario run Super mario run

    Wow, Super Mario Run was downloaded by 40 million people in its first few days

    Super Mario Run broke an App Store record with 40 million downloads in just a few days.

  • Alexa kayak track santa Alexa kayak track santa

    How to track Santa this holiday season using Amazon Echo’s Alexa

    Amazon Echo's assistant Alexa is capable of a lot of cool tricks. This holiday season, you can now track Santa using...

  • Security apps Security apps

    Smartphone security apps: the good, the bad and the unsecure

    There's a lot of security apps out there and finding the best one that suits your needs can prove to be...

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