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  • Samsung Samsung

    Samsung’s video teaser of the Galaxy S7 hints at waterproof features and wireless charging

    The Galaxy S7 launches February 21st, but an Indonesian Samsung YouTube gives us an early look.

  • Manage all your email accounts with myMail

    Use myMail to manage messages in your Gmail, Hotmail, Live, Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, iCloud and AOL email accounts at once.

  • T-Mobile Binge On T-Mobile Binge On

    T-Mobile is downgrading YouTube’s video quality – here’s how to fix it

    YouTube is calling out T-Mobile's Binge On program, claiming the carrier's been downgrading its videos down to 480p.

  • Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is ripping off one of the iPhones biggest features

    Oh hey, look: Samsung's Galaxy S7 is ripping off Apple's newest features. Are you shocked? At this point you shouldn't.

  • Teen Technology: 4 Smartphone buying tips for Parents to Consider

    At some point of their early childhood, kids are going ask you to buy them a smartphone? Is it a good...

  • Donald Trump and the CEO of T-Mobile exchanged some heated words on Twitter

    Donald Trump and the CEO of T-Mobile USA had an epic Twitter war, and its hilarious.

  • Not all smartphone cameras are created equally – this video explains why

    This Video Explains Everything That Matters in a Smartphone Camera

  • Camera 51’s Product Camera looks to revolutionize the way you sell stuff online

    If you're someone who gets their rocks off selling things online, Camera 51's new Product Camera is the app for you.

  • windows 11 logo windows 11 logo

    Microsoft’s new Windows phones aren’t an iPhone killer — they’re a PC killer

    If you've never been a fan of WIndow's, be prepared, Microsoft has some big plans.

  • Google finally adds offline navigation and search to Google Maps

    Ever get stuck with no connection while using Google Maps? Never worry about losing your navigations with Google's latest update.

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