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  • Have I Been Pwned Have I Been Pwned

    This is by far the simplest way to find out if you’ve been hacked

    Have you ever wondered if your email or password is sitting in some hackers database waiting to be sold to the...

  • MagicalButter Machine 2.0 MagicalButter Machine 2.0

    Review: MagicalButter Machine – You’ll kick yourself for not getting this sooner

    Making cannabutter can be a pain in the ass, or so I thought. Luckily, The MagicalButter Machine changed my outlook on...

  • Hacker Hacker

    How to avoid getting hacked on the web

    Security is one of those things people eventually learn once they've been hacked or had their personal information stolen. Here's some...

  • development development

    Is there a downside to encryption?

    The pros and cons of data encryption.

  • Digital Security Digital Security

    Executives tend to feel cybersecurity issues are a problem only for their IT teams

    Surprisingly, many executives admit to being completely unaware of the cybersecurity risks faced by their company.

  • Online Security Online Security

    The most important thing we learned from Hillary Clinton and the FBI

    The issue of data security avalanched into the public domain with the case of Hillary Clinton, who used privates servers to...

  • Pacemaker Pacemaker

    Cybersecurity report recommends test-hacking medical devices before and after release

    Test-hacking medical devices and systems before and after release is a great way to boost security and privacy for customers.

  • These were the most commonly used passwords of 2015

    The 2015 list of the most commonly used passwords demonstrates the importance of keeping names, simple numeric patterns, sports and swear...

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