Apparently, people want Alexa to have a sexier voice

"Alexa, fire up my Sybian."

2 days ago

Benefits of 3D printing: 10 reasons you need one

If you've been considering a 3D printer in your home, then read our article the learn the benefits of 3D…

3 days ago

Security camera installation: Should you do it or hire a professional?

The decision between DIY vs hiring a professional ultimately falls to the tradeoffs you're willing to make based on the…

3 days ago

Samsung is back with another folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung is really doubling down on this whole folding phone thing.

4 days ago

Android’s Nearby Share finally lets you send unwanted files to the people around you

Or, you know, you can use it how it was intended to be used. Up to you.

5 days ago

How to turn your WiFi password into a QR code

Finally a good use for QR codes.

5 days ago