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Choosing a smartphone for traders and business professionals

Finding a happy medium can allow these people to stay in touch with markets at all times, whether at home or on the go.

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Nowadays, the abundance of new technology and revamping of current models in the cell phone industry can be overwhelming. The options are seemingly endless and it is easy to get lost whilst in the process of looking for a new phone. Luckily, we have decluttered the mess for you and created a simple guide when it comes to selecting a personal device. Additionally, if you desire to use your mobile for trading markets and financing, we’ve got you covered.

Different Uses

It is important to note that the mobile that is best for you depends on what sort of activity and business you want to conduct from your smartphone. From person to person, this can be drastically different. A 2017 study by found that 88% of people use their phones predominantly for messaging. The same however found that 45% of the selected sample regularly use their mobile for banking. Consider if you are planning on completing simple tasks such as email and basic messaging, or rather you need a device that allows for trading and financing.

Another aspect that should be considered when choosing a phone is what computer you use. Whether you are someone who sends and receives a lot of emails or trades currency pairs throughout the day, we recommend getting the same phone brand as your computer. This is to help provide for smooth and effortless cross-platform access as sticking to the one ecosystem makes it easier to sync and avoid clutter by not having multiple accounts and applications. Thus, if you use an Apple computer, we recommend using an iPhone. Whereas if you have a PC, an Android and Google phone should be more applicable.

Mobile for Work

In the current climate, with people working from home and being away from their offices, a solid phone is becoming increasingly more essential. With remote working being the new trend, workers are using their mobiles as part of their setups at home, especially for those who would usually use a landline phone which stays at the office. Thus, it is extremely important for these people to have a phone that is capable of completing the complex functions a workday may have in store.

For example, stock or foreign exchange traders who utilize their mobiles when trading need to have a phone which supports certain applications. The popular MT4 trading platform is available on most devices, however, Samsung and Apple are known to have the fastest speeds and largest screens, allowing for smooth and effortless transactions. To find out more about MT4, its strengths and weaknesses, along with which brokers allow their clients to trade with this platform on both mobile and computer, view this MT4 broker guide.

On the Go

A key consideration when choosing a mobile is its portability. Stock or foreign exchange traders need to have the ability and see the markets on their mobile device as these are areas which are volatile and constantly changing. Whilst the numerous plus-sized phones on the market offer great screen real estate, they can become a hassle when trying to fit it in your pocket.

Finding a happy medium can allow these people to stay in touch with markets at all times, whether at home or on the go. An article by Xiaomi Today in 2018 ranked the Samsung Galaxy S9 as the best on the go trading phone as it’s Ultra HD screen is “excellent for viewing all the intricate charts and data when trading,” yet is not too large, unlike the S9+.

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