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Choosing the right temperature for vaping dry herbs and wax

Vaping is a really popular trend nowadays, especially to replace the harmful tobacco. But what are the best temperatures to do it?

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It should be common sense by now that inhaling smoke is bad for your health. The smoke of tobacco cigarettes, for instance, contains over 5,000 substances, of which about 4,700 are harmful. With this in mind, a lot of people are switching to vaping, since the use of cannabis is becoming legal in a lot of US states and countries around the world.

An herbal vaporizer is a device that heats your herbs at a high temperature, so they release their active components, producing aromatic vapor. In this process, herbs are not exposed to fire and are not burned, avoiding the production of smoke and combustion.

Although the vapor may resemble smoke, it does not contain any of the toxic particles (tar, benzene, toluene, naphthalene, etc.) that make smoke a health hazard. The herbal vaporizer or concentrates allows you to consume your herbs or other materials safely, ensuring purity of taste, free of toxins from the paper.

Wax or herbs – it’s totally up to you

With a vaporizer, you can use several types of materials, with dry herbs being the most famous and popular. However, there are several other forms of essence available in the market, such as wax or oil concentrates, and liquids, better known as e-liquids. You will find different scents for all kinds of the essence.

In terms of what is the right temperature to vape either of these materials, the truth is that there is no correct temperature. In fact, each person has a different taste and the change in temperature significantly impacts the flavor extracted from the essence.

Nailing down the perfect temperature

There are, however, a few general thresholds. Below 320°F (160°C), the cannabinoids are not activated so that the only residual flavor can be extracted. From 320°F to 345°F (174°C), the vapor that will be obtained will be rich in flavor, with only slight cannabinoid effects. Going up, the range 345-390°F (174-199°C) is likely the best one for the actual effects of cannabis, with a higher focus on the effect when compared to the flavor.

The 390-465°F (199-240°C) range is for those looking for sedative effects, as the more exotic and powerful cannabinoids act at this temperature and, towards the upper limit of the range, the vapor starts getting really harsh. Going upwards of 465°F is simply wrong, because that is when combustion happens, and all the benefits of vaping are lost.

For more information about this and suggestions for which vaping device is best for each case, get in touch with Portable Hookahs, experts on the field and the selling of all vaping-related products.

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