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Cloud considerations: is cloud storage right for your business?

From creatives to corporations, cloud storage drives productivity.

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Cloud technology, including cloud storage, is hardly new. In fact, businesses have been transitioning to this format for years now, and many operate almost entirely in the cloud, which has been a boon during this year of remote operations.

Still, despite the approach’s popularity, a surprising number of organizations remain uncertain whether this is the right storage strategy for their needs. What’s the hold-up?

The Old, The New, And Everything In Between

When deciding whether to adopt cloud services, including cloud storage, for their organization, one of the leading concerns expressed is whether these programs are the best match for their needs.

Some are attached to their legacy platforms, still viewing cloud programs as “the next big thing,” despite how established they are, while others are sure that, if they move to the cloud now, the real “next big thing” will come along and they’ll have to upgrade all over again. What these arguments overlook are some of the major advantages of cloud technology, such as widespread access to data, which both legacy systems and solid state drives (SSDs) fail to offer.

SSDs – Not The Revolution They Seem

If some are clinging to their expensive and unwieldy legacy systems, other organizations are caught up in the appeal of SSDs, which some swear are the future of data storage. That may be true on a personal level, since SSDs are hugely efficient, but they don’t allow for remote access and collaboration, and that’s likely to be their downfall from a professional perspective. When teammates need to work together on a project, an SSD is a hindrance, not an asset.

Cloud Connection – The Key

When we set aside the isolation of SSDs, as well as the outdated nature of legacy storage systems, it becomes clear that cloud storage is the best solution for today’s businesses and, what’s more, that many underestimate the power of these platforms. Cloud storage isn’t just a holding space for files; cloud storage supports a variety of file types, enables remote collaboration both within and outside the organization, has seamless file backups, and provides the strong security that businesses need and clients demand.

Centering Security

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of security when selecting a storage platform for your organization. Many legacy storage systems are vulnerable to hackers, while external hard drives, including the new SSDs, are prone to getting lost and falling into the wrong hands. 

In addition to allowing multiple people across locations to access necessary files, though, cloud storage puts system security in the hands of professionals. The best business platforms are even compliant with major industry encryption and security standards, such as HIPAA and FINRA, allowing organizations to work with a wider variety of clients and deal with sensitive information with confidence.

Cloud storage is the secure, scalable solution that every business has been waiting for, and yet many have been slow to adopt. It your business is still lagging behind the crowd, now is the time to act. Better remote storage is within your reach, and will make a world of difference in all your business’s daily tasks. 

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