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Cobb Douglas robot launches Conga: an AI-powered, autonomous robotic lawn mower

The latest and most convenient lawn care method is now available.

Conga AI powered robotic lawn mower on grass with words
Image: Conga

Robotics innovator Cobb Douglas robot has just announced the launch of Conga – an autonomous hands-free lawn care robot with enhanced visual AI.

This intelligent lawn care robot takes the hassle out of lawn care by intelligently creating a virtual map. It navigates lawns of all shapes and sizes, avoiding obstacles and cutting grass silently and efficiently. 

Conga – an autonomous robot that sets users free from the tedious task of lawn mowing with a single click to start.

Unlike the first-generation robots, this highly advanced lawn care robot does not require the installation of copper boundary wires or remote control to map the areas cut manually.

Conga uses VFL (Vision Fusion Localization) positioning technology, empowering the mower with cm-level accuracy. Therefore, it is for precision mowing while maintaining strict boundaries.

The robot automatically maps the areas to be mowed while safely avoiding obstacles. Then, working back and forth in the most optimal path, Conga cuts with surgical precision.

Conga - an autonomous robot lawn mower on grass yard
Image: Conga


  • AI vision algorithms help Conga to recognize boundaries intelligently and auto-build maps. There’s no need for perimeter wires.
  • With a quick and easy setup, one click is all to get Conga started.
  • With VFL (Vision Fusion Localization), Conga can locate and navigate around corners, under trees, in the shadows, and under bright light.
  • Conga detects obstacles at 0.1s and prioritizes your and other users’ family’s safety.
  • Auto Charging & CheckPoint Resume
  • WIFI + RF + GPS Anti-Theft Monitoring

“Everyone loves the beauty and the soft feel of a freshly cut lawn, but traditional gas-powered lawn mowers are heavy, loud, and polluting. Our goal with Conga is to use the latest robotic technology and enhanced Vision Fusion Localization to create a convenient, efficient, and earth-friendly solution to lawn care. Conga takes a modern approach to lawn care, automatically cutting grass safely, quietly, and accurately. Now, families can use their lawn as they wish, knowing that it will always be perfectly maintained and ready to enjoy.” says lan Chen, CEO of Cobb Douglas robot.

Once set up, Conga cuts the lawn on a set schedule using intelligent path planning.

This visual neural network fused with a visual odometer allows the robot to cut the entire lawn in a series of clean and precise parallel rows.

Moreover, it’s like a household cleaning robot to efficiently cut the grass without missing any areas.

Conga returns to its base station for charging if the battery runs out during operation. Therefore, the unfinished work areas will be recorded in the system for subsequent completion.

It then automatically resumes the proper mowing position before continuing. In this way, it avoids duplicate cutting and never misses any areas. 

Furthermore, the system features Smart IOT control via an app, including map display, time appointment mowing, and remote updates of the equipment database for more accurate results.

Conga also protects users’ families with 3-level safety guarantees and a 0.1s response time for avoiding obstacles.

Conga – an autonomous robot by Cobb Douglas, makes grass maintenance a breeze with convenient app-controlled features and quiet, efficient cutting.

This innovative new lawn care tool is available for pre-sale now with rewards and incentives for early adopters. More info via Kickstarter.

Cobb Douglas robot team

Conga AI robotic lawn mower in the grass yard
Image: Conga

Founded in 2019, Cobb Douglas robot is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to enhancing the outdoor garden experience through intelligent technology.

The founding team has served in major Swedish, German, and American gardening companies and robotics laboratories at renowned universities.

They are familiar with horticulture and interdisciplinary integration technology. For example, chip design, computer vision, robot precise motion control, and complex terrain navigation.

In addition, the technical team has more than ten years of professional experience developing, producing, and delivering lawn robots.

The team has accumulated more than ten years of technical expertise and iterated solutions from perimeter wire lawnmowers to intelligent robotic lawnmowers.

Additionally, they provide consumers with the easiest lawn maintenance experience.

The Cobb Douglas robot seeks to live in comfort but is more concerned with eco-friendly and places protection of users’ safety as their top priority.

Hence they believe the newest robotic lawnmower with AI Vision will be a leader in the technology industry for generations to come.

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