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Coinswap space adoption continues to rise with Bitquery integration

CoinSwap Space is the perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provision on the Binance Smart Chain.

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CoinSwap Space, the decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides a suite of DeFi products to its users, has had another exciting week. A newly announced Bitquery integration will allow crypto data aggregators greater access to CoinSwap’s data and statistics. 

In CoinSwap’s growth, this is a huge step. This partnership would aid the project in securing listings on sites across the crypto sphere. 

Introducing CoinSwap Space, an exchange and decentralized finance service. It is an automatic market maker that allows users to invest in liquidity pools, yield farms, and stake its native CSS token.

The Bitquery platform parses, indexes, and stores blockchain data in a unified manner. Bitcoinquery offers market analytics, analysis of money flow, DEX and DeFi trading, and scientific research on blockchain development. 

The partnership opens up a world of possibilities for CoinSwap as it allows the DEX to much easier distribute data related to the project. Projects that use Bitquery can now easily aggregate data and display statistics relating to CoinSwap. These projects include sites like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and BSCScan who can easily access information such as volume traded and total value locked on the CoinSwap DEX. Crucially, this development brings CoinSwap one step closer to being listed on sites such as these, as they can use Bitquery to index the data they need to display.

Simultaneously, CoinSwap will be able to gather more data about their own project. This data will be published on Dashboard and CoinSwap’s own MySpace platform. Dashboard is a service that provides advanced statistics relating to swapping and farming tokens on the DEX. MySpace meanwhile, is a service that provides users with their own personal data statistics relating to CoinSwap. 

Ultimately, the partnership will grant more exposure and transparency to CoinSwap. It will provide a huge opportunity for the exchange to be listed on different data aggregators and will also provide potential CSS investors more insight into the use cases of the token.

Currently, CoinSwap already has several advantages over PancakeSwap. CoinSwap has even lower fees, able to offer trades at $0.20 instead of $0.25. On top of that CoinSwap’s CSS token has a hard cap. This means that the buy and burn model utilized with CoinSwap’s transaction fees make CSS a genuinely deflationary token. This provides a great incentive for investors to hold onto the token long term. 

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